Monday, April 13, 2009

Check Out My Second Video From My First GangBang

Hello Sexy Friends!

I have been very busy working on making more videos from my first GangBang that I had recently. I have to tell you that as I watch the raw footage to create the videos I am blown away by just how hot the whole GangBang experience was. Not to mention how hot and naughty it is to think of having sex with several men at the same time. I was just telling Gee the other day that I am a changed woman. There is no going back to the shy girl I use to be when it comes to having sex. I love every moment I get to enjoy the sensual pleasures, (including the freaky and kinky stuff too) that cums from sex.

I have to be honest with you though and tell you that there will always be a bit of shyness in me at the start of all my sexual adventures. The difference now is that I have a moment or two, which is really nothing more than a fear of the unknown at that moment in time. Since I have had quite a bit of experience now with my slutty side, once the moment cums and goes I am a force to be enjoyed by all those present and those that get to see it later too! I am truly in my element when it cums to sharing sex with others on all levels. Sex is such an incredible pleasure in all its many forms that I can NEVER get enough of it, EVER!!!!

With that being said I have a new hot video to share with all my naughty friends. This one is called “Kay's First BBC GangBang1 Part One Camera Two”. It is from the perspective of the second camera we had running. I knew when the time finally came for me to have my first GangBang that I didn’t want to miss a single thing about the experience. Gee and I discovered after the fact that having two cameras running it would allow us to share even more with you as well. I just think it is so cool to be able to see my sexual adventures from more than one angle. As you watch my videos you will see what I am talking about and I hope you will be saying to yourself “damn that’s some hot shit”.

In this next video from my GangBang1 series you will see me from a different angle suck, lick, spit and deepthroat all three of my sexy well-hung playmates huge, thick, fat, black cocks. I got off on getting face-fucked, fingered, touched, rubbed, getting my pussy licked and fucked deep and hard.

Be sure to cum back often to see each new video as I add them. Each one by itself is hot, but together they share the whole experience with you just as if you were there in the room watching it live up close and personal. Speaking of live, I hope to make that possible for some of my special fans. I’d love to hear from you if you would like to be considered for a special invitation to watch me have sex as we film for a future video. You can write to me at

If you'd like your own copy of my latest video just click on the link below to my store. My DVD from my first GangBang is also now available. It is called "Hotwife Kay's Amateur GangBangs #1". There is lots of hot action in this first of many GangBang DVDs to cum.


Sensual Hotwife Kay

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