Saturday, April 11, 2009

Welcome My Sexy Freaky Friends!

Welcome! I am so excited to get my freaky, kinky thoughts out here in the "Blogosphere"!

My name is Kay, but I usually go by the nickname Sensual Hotwife Kay. I actually am a Hotwife. My husband got me into the Hotwife Lifestyle years ago and I am SO glad that he did! If you're not sure what the term Hotwife really means, it basically means Wife Sharing. It's a type of swinging where the husband gets intense pleasure from sharing his wife sexually and intimately with other men. This is NOT the same as a cuckold, where it's typically the wife's idea to have sex with other men, whether her husband likes it or not. Well Friends, I can tell you that not only was it my husband's idea, but he loves every minutes of sharing his Hot Wife with other men, and enjoying the sexual pleasure that I am getting almost as much as I am!

I am a Very Real amateur wife/MILF/WILF - whatever you want to call me! My husband & I have been married for over 20 years, we're deeply in love, and we have very real "vanilla" lives. Very few of our friends know about our lifestyle choice. But having this "Big Secret" is half the fun!

We started out as swingers, and over time my "typical male perv" husband convinced me to let him put my pictures & videos on the Internet. He built me a HOT site, So now I'm basically a Soccer Mom AND a porn star! it's a "double life", but one I really wouldn't trade. I
LOVE what we're doing and my huband and I don't see any reason that we can't be decent, hard working, "good people" and still have a Very HOT, Very Wild, Very Kinky sex life.

So as long as we're having fun, and it's making my husband happy, we're going to keep making HOT, Wild, Kinky videos for us, and for You!

I wanted to give you a little preview of what I LOVE to do. So check out my video below. It was a recent GangBang that I did with a very HOT, Freaky BBC Gentleman named Big Max. He has a website, that I will be appearing on as soon as he can edit the hours of video that we filmed during my GangBang. It was one very long, very HOT night of amazingly HOT sex of every kind. But when they started to GangBang my ass I just LOST-MY-EVER-LOVING-MIND!!!!! I will be doing many more GangBangs with Big Max, a close freaky friend of his and mine, Mr. Ed, and all their well-hung frineds. So check back often!

I have made my Sexcapades available in downloadable clip form, and on DVD for my Freaky Friends that want to see just how naughty and slutty I can be. You can get my clips at and my DVDs at I don't have all my adventures on DVD just yet, but I am working VERY hard at it! So please check back often to see all my new offerings!

Kisses Sweetie,
Sensual Hotwife Kay