Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Love Sharing My Slutty Side With You

Hello Sexy Friends!

I just had to write and tell you that I am having a blast experiencing hot sex and sharing my slutty sexual adventures with you. I really appreciate your continued interest in following me on this journey, as the list of men I fuck keeps getting longer. My husband Gee gets so horny every time he adds another name to the database he created to keep track of all my sexual playmates. I have to admit that I feel compelled to keep taking my naughty slut factor to the next level for you and for Gee.

Last night was a wild evening of playful hot sex with Gee. We got in the car and went for a ride only to find ourselves in a local hotel parking lot getting naked and having sweaty sex with the chance of getting caught. If you’ve never done this with a sex partner before, I strongly recommend you give it a try. It is such a thrill to have sex in public with the chance of being seen by others. Can you believe that after almost 21 years of marriage I gave Gee his best blowjob to date? According to the look on his face and his reaction I believe he was telling me the truth.

I live for making Gee’s world a more enjoyable place. He has brought so much happiness to my world on many different levels and not all of them are sex related. However, his fantasy of sharing me and my sexual encounters with the world has made it possible for me to receive incredible pleasures beyond all measures on any given day. He gets off on watching me blow other men’s minds while getting a front row seat to my sexual evolution. He has seen me change from a very shy girl sexually to watching me become a complete sexual freak without limits. We are both having the time of our lives as we share a part of our world with you here and at our Video Clips and DVD stores.

You can look forward to many hot videos and DVDs yet to cum. We are busy networking and making new friends for me to have hot sex with. You can look forward to seeing me on film with some known playmates in the adult industry in the coming months. I hope you will stick around to see just how slutty I plan on getting and what fantasies I have yet to fulfill. I would love to hear from you with some of your ideas of what you would like to see me do. It is such a turn on to make custom films for my fans. Speaking of which I made a custom film this past Friday night for a fan of mine on I am very excited to send him the special footage and pictures that were taken just for him. I don’t want to give away too much information just yet, but I will tell you this much, I got real naughty with a piece of corn and the experience was hot enough that I could have made popcorn….lol!

Take care and have a wonderful week sweetie. I hope you will check back often to see what new goodies I have to share. I also hope you will take advantage of the 30 free minutes I am offering my friends on Click Here for this free offer. This is just one little way of saying thank you for all your support and encouragement with being the best slutty Hotwife I can be for you.


Hotwife Kay