Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Sexy Fantasy From A Fan

The email I received below is from a fan that came across our profile (KnGHaveFun) on AFF I can tell you that his dream of me was hot and it got me very excited and made my pussy wet. I thought that you might enjoy reading it as well. I love to share pleasure with others. If you are someone that gets turned on by reading about sex, you will definitely enjoy this one friends!


Hotwife Kay

His Dream Of Me Went Like This........

My name is Bennie and I just had to write to you and tell you about a dream I had of you. Last night I dreamt of you after reading your profile and looking at your sexy body. I notice your sexy walk and beautiful body as I pass you by in the mall. You turn your head towards me as we look into each other’s eyes communicating without words. I immediately am overcome with a feeling of lust and we both struggle to look away and go on. Later we bump into each other again only literally this time. You just purchased some sexy lingerie at Victories Secret; it spills out onto the floor along with a few sex toys you bought earlier at an erotic sex shop. No one notices but you and I, the mall has few visitors this evening. Our eyes meet again and we look deeply into each other’s souls as our minds recognize we both have the same desire. Lust and desire to indulge in each other’s erotic touch with our hands, mouths and tongues. I can hear your passion as you begin to breathe a little heavier. You reach down and pick up one of the toys, a pink vibrator and place it in your bag as we stare into each other eyes. I offer to help and hand you one of the sexy outfits as we both smile. We are both quickly overtaken by our thoughts and lust to press our bodies together in an intimate embrace. Suddenly we realize where we are and try to suppress the desire to have hot erotic sex. I whisper in your ear and say, “hey beautiful I can’t help but notice our attraction, I want to fuck you all night so let’s take a little drive to my house, it’s warm, safe and private. I have several mirrors on the wall, we can watch as I thrust all of my cock inside you”.

You surprise me and excite me when you decide to accept my offer. We leave the mall together and you follow me in your car to my house. We walk through the door to my home; it’s clean, warm, cozy and well kept. I turn some light music on and pour us all a drink but before I can finish you are stripping off your clothes leaving a trail behind you as you slowly approach me. You’re absolutely beautiful and have a gorgeous body. I remove what clothes I have left on after you pull off my shirt. I stand there, my muscles bulging as you stare at my body. The only sounds we hear are the light music and the passion of our breath. Your nipples are hard and my cock throbs as I press my lips against yours in a passionate kiss. I suck on your tits then kiss the back of your neck and move around to your shoulder as I use my teeth to nibble at all those curves on your body. We kiss in an erotic embrace sharing our tongues as the passion begins to overwhelm us.

Then I lead you to my bedroom, a king bed with the entire wall covered in mirrors. You spread your legs and begin to play with you clit. I can see it’s hard, swollen and ready for my tongue. We kiss again in the heat of passion as I penetrate you with my fingers; you’re wet and ready for me. My mouth and tongue is all over you sucking and kissing every curve as I slowly move down to your waist and press my lips against yours. You spread your legs, then I bend them at your knee and place your ankles under my arms and hold onto your waist then trust my tongue inside you as you moan and arch your back taking all of my tongue inside you. As I move my tongue around and around your clit and lips you have an incredible climax and cum hard one time and then another even harder. I’m ready to take you and make you mine as I press my body against yours. We tightly wrap each other in the security of each other’s arms kissing passionately. I’m lying on top of you with your legs spread and not bent at the knees and mine legs spread about the same. I wrap my legs around yours as I slowly penetrate you with my cock. We gasp with incredible pleasure as you cum again. We kiss passionately again and I suck your tits as we fuck each other hard rocking back and forth becoming one and living for the moment in pure pleasure and erotic lust. We watch the scene in the mirrors as we rock back and forth in lust and exotic, cumming over and over again. The sensual sex we made together was so fulfilling it challenges our thoughts and beliefs of what was. We have something special. It was truly an erotic experience that we shared.