Thursday, February 11, 2010

My New Website Is Starting To Take Shape

Hello Sexy Friends!

My hubby Gee has been working like a mad man to get my new website up and running. I would love for you to stop by and see what we have developed so far. You can find me at I have several free video clips that you can view and save to your PC to view again and again. It makes me wet to think of you pleasuring yourself while watching me have hot sex. As you may already know I'm a very vocal lover. I think you are going to find the sounds of me screaming, moaning, grunting and talking dirty while getting fucked a huge turn on.

I've been busy networking with others in the industry, including other Hotwives that I plan to film with, as well has help promote on another site my husband and I will unveil shortly called If you are a hotwife, or your married to one that you'd like to get into porn you can write to my hubby Gee at

There are lots of updates to cum on my site so I hope you will cum back and visit it often to see what I've been up and what's in store. We have lots of plans for sharing my sexual adventures with you as a true Swinger MILF Hotwife that is an Amateur Adult Film Star. I just get getting started and I have so many excitement that still lies ahead.

I hope you enjoy my free videos and they will get you hard and keep me on your mind. Just so you know I have plans to give some of my fans a chance to fuck me too, so if you are interested send me an email to I want to know what turns you on so I can give it to you just the way you like it baby!

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay