Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This Sluts Cummin Out To Play

Hello Sexy Friends!

I have to tell you my phones been ringing off the hook lately with men wanting to fuck me. When it rains it pours literally...lol! My pussy is getting ready for a serious workout cause I have no plans for letting down any of my sexy male boy toys. My first fuck date is suppose to be this Thursday night. Keep your fingers crossed because we are suppose to get pounded with snow and it's my pussy I really want pounded. Gee and I are suppose to have dinner with our friend Dave who lives in New York and then he is getting a hotel near by so that the guys can tag team me. Dave also loves to watch me fuck and play with my pussy with big fat dildos and vibrators too. I've got some really slutty ideas in mind. Gee will be taking pictures and filming so you'll get to see what happens.

I have also have special surprise for Dave too. I bought a very sexy thong I will wear and then squirt all over and I'm planning to leave them for him as a parting gift. He'll be able to enjoy my smell long after we're done fucking. Right now the plan is for Gee and I to stay over night at the hotel with our friend. I get to be the filling of the Oreo cookie and by morning I'm sure I will have melted..tee hee. I doubt I'll get much sleep between Gee and Dave enjoying my naked body laying between them throughout the night.

I may have another play date with my sexy friend Andy sometime over the weekend if we can coordinate our schedules. he is hung like a horse and makes me squirt like a fountain. We have yet to play at his place yet, but instead end up at a hotel. He has a roommate that does work nights, so hopefully the timing will workout so I can squirt all over his bed. That will leave him something to remember me by.

On Tuesday of next week I'm suppose to spend the day with a very special fuck buddy of mine. I have filmed with Silk many times, but we've never spent time alone, so we're both pretty excited about this date. He is a teacher and we are taking advantage of winter break to fulfill this fantasy. I have my husbands blessings and in fact he has encouraged me to do this. He wants me to cum home afterwards and tell him all about it. And then of course he is going to fuck the shit out of me too. It should be a really good day for me. I better plan on drinking plenty of fluids cause it's going to be a day of non-stop squirting. Silk is known for making my body squirt in buckets without any end in site, or at least any end I've ever seen so far. This get together will not be filmed, but I promise to give you all the juicy details later. I'm actually going to his house and we are going to fuck in his bed and I can't wait. How hot is that!!!

In addition to these fucking opportunities I have three other hotties that are waiting their turn with me. I hope to travel into NYC in early March to play with one of them, as well as get together with my hung friend "Big Max" from http://theslutsnextdoor.com/ to do some serious fucking. I've got some ideas for some new things I want to try and Big Max is just the guy to do them with, being that he is a total freak. I'm also excited about seeing my other friend in the city Troy who is black, bald, muscular and sexy as hell. This is the "Position Man". He is a very creative lover who can fuck in positions that most men don't even think of. Troy and I have not had the chance to play one-on-one yet, so it should be a very hot encounter. We've been trying to reconnect for about six months now, but our schedules have not made it possible yet. Trust me though friends, it will happen...:-)~~

I'm going to close for now, but I'll be back shortly to tell you all about a new site Gee and I are working on to promote other Hotwifes that want to get into doing amateur porn and sharing their goodies with others.

Have a great night friends.


Hotwife Kay