Monday, August 9, 2010

What A Hot Friday Night With Gee I Had!

Hello My Sex Loving Friends!

I wanted to tell you about my hot Friday night with Gee. It was by total happenstance that we had the house all to ourselves on a Friday night with no teenager’s home. We actually had free rein for over 24 hours to run around naked, watch porn on the big screen with the sound on high and have hot sweaty loud sex. Let me tell you we took full advantage of our alone time and enjoyed incredible sex into the wee hours of the morning. I came so many times and squirted more than usual. I have to chuckle because more than usual has been an on going change from the beginning. I’m in a place now sexually where my volume of squirting just seems to keep increasing with no end in site…lol and as far as Gee is concerned I could NEVER squirt too much for him! These days Gee doesn’t even have to finger me or fuck me to make me squirt. Just the anticipation of knowing what’s cumming makes me squirt.

Our evening began with enjoying a few cocktails while I was dressed very sexy showing off my pussy and my tits so Gee could enjoy them at will. I had purchased a new pair of sexy heels that were clear with a red edge to them and prints of red kissing lips all over the clear part that went over the bridge of my foot. I’ve included a couple pictures with my blog so you could see what I was wearing. My lovely husband took some sexy pictures of me before we got down to business having sex. I’ll be posting an album on my site shortly to show you all the pictures I posed for the camera and for you. I got very turned on sucking the shit out of Gee’s cock. I got off on deep throating, splitting and slapping my face with his rock hard dick. I so love to suck cock, especially my husband’s. It gives me so much joy to bring intense pleasure to Gee by using my oral talents to turn him to a pile of mush. I love it too because he gets so damn horny when I suck his cock that it makes him fuck me deeper and harder. The best part of the night was when he fucked me up the ass. OMG!!!! I am a total freak for anal my friends. I can’t begin to describe the pleasure, not to mention it’s crazy how it makes my pussy squirt non-stop while I getting it up the ass. Talk about getting lost in the pleasure. It was off the charts hot hot hot!!

I did a lot of screaming and talking dirty to Gee as loud as I felt like because we had the house all to ourselves and because I could. He fucked me in every position you can imagine in several different rooms in the house. It reminded me of when we first bought our house and made a point of fucking in every single room to leave our mark. I guess you could say there are some similar things that a man does that are similar to what dogs do…hmmm!

The night didn’t end until the early morning hours after Gee had cum in all 3 of my holes and then we masturbated together too. The grand finial was the two of us lying on our bed across from each other touching ourselves and watching each other play with ourselves. I used one of my dildos and fucked my pussy with it making myself squirt as I was talking dirty to Gee while he stroked his cock until we both came together one last time right in sync. It wasn’t long after that we both passed out in each others arms and slept for a few hours before Gee had to actually do some work for his day job. After he was finished he came back to bed and we snuggled and slept until it was about dinnertime. The rest of the weekend was rather low key. We did have a few more quickies throughout the weekend because Friday night had us so randy that we stayed horny for each other all weekend in spite of the fact that from Saturday night on we were not home alone anymore.

These are the times when I’m reminded just how blessed I am to be married to the greatest man I know. Not only does he rock my world with passion, sex and unconditional love, but also he gets off on sharing me with others too sexually. He loves to watch and film me having incredible sexual experiences with others because it’s an extension of him giving me pleasure in a different way. I love my world as a Hotwife and I so appreciate all of you who are interested in taking this journey with me and experiencing the many adventures of Hotwife Kay.

Have a great week everyone.


Hotwife Kay