Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Ended 2010 With A Bang & 2011 Is Off To A Busy Start

Belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Friends!

It’s been a while since I last blogged. With the holidays finally behind me I’m trying to get caught up on a million different things. If you could peek inside my head you’d get a good laugh at what’s going on with my thought process of what I need to do and in what order to do them..lol! I decided to start by getting my blog updated and let you know what I’ve been up to. I spent the holidays in Florida with my family. We stayed in the Kissimmee area. Gee and I rented a really nice home with a heated pool and Jacuzzi that came in real handy at nighttime when it got pretty cool outside. With the exception of the weather being cooler than I would have liked, it was good to get away and relax in a different environment with weather warmer then in New England this time of year. Also while on vacation in Florida I got the opportunity to meet and do a gangbang with NaughtyAlysha. Friends I can tell you that was an absolute blast!

My husband Gee and I met Alysha and her husband Adam along with their very good friend Mike who is also their cameraman for dinner first. This was really nice because it gave Alysha and I a chance to chat and get to know each other a little better. All I can say is that she is an absolute love that is also a total babe and a real sweetheart too! She also has a very cute and sexy husband just like mine. It was really cool to see just how much we had in common. One thing for sure, we both have a veracious appetite for sex in a variety of combinations, all of which are good.
After a relaxing dinner and great conversation we headed to the hotel Gee had reserved and got ready for our gangbang. I did a couple new things for the first time this night. I did a gangbang with another woman, and it was with all white guys. Actually four were white and two where Hispanic, but there was no BBC there. One of the sexy guys that joined us in the gangbang was kingpresleexXx. He lives in Florida and I met him on twitter. He is a porn star that is in the early stages of his career. He is a mix of sweet and sexy and is also great in bed. I have no doubt that he will do well in the industry. I hope we get the chance to play again on film sometime in the near future. Alysha and I shared six dicks and let me just say that a good time was had by all. This included our husbands and Mike the cameraman too. There was no way you could be present to either participate or film our hot sexual adventure and not enjoy the pleasure or the front row seat.

The first thing I recall was getting fingered by one of the guys who made me squirt like a fountain. Then it was off to the races…lol! Alysha and I sucked all their dicks and they all took turns fucking us both. We had one king size bed and it was very erotic to be so close to Alysha as we got gangbanged together. She had a lot of cum dumped on her face and in her eyes (poor thing) and her awesome tits. I got so turned on seeing her covered in cum I couldn’t help myself. I licked all the cum off of her face and tits and then we made out. It was so hot to kiss her with the taste of cum on my lips. I got some hot sticky cum on me too, but not before it hit the wall behind me first. Talk about projection cum…lol! It was a really exciting night of fucking and filming and I look forward to sharing the footage with you in the near future.

I have so much footage yet to be processed from a ton of fucking I did to end 2010 with a bang. I’m behind on getting videos made, but I can promise you that all of it will have been worth waiting for. I’m also excited to say that Alysha and I really clicked and we’ll definitely be filming together again hopefully sometime later this year. We also talked about me possibly joining her website of girlfriends, but don’t currently have the details. Alysha and Adam just returned from the AVNs in Vegas. They are very busy with a lot of projects just like Gee and I are, so I’ll have to get back to you later with details as they become available.

Gee has been very busy scheduling a ton of filming for me this year. I have several projects underway for this year, including filming with established porn stars in the industry. NaughtyAlysha was my first female porn star and this Saturday, January 15th I will be filming in NYC with Brandon Longwood my first professional male porn star. This play date has been in the works for quite some time. We met at a Swinger party in NYC last fall and knew right away we had sexual chemistry and a mutual interest in filming together. He has been very busy filming and developing his new website that he is in the process of launching. I’m excited to finally be able to get our freak on together. I have no doubt we’ll create some hot porn together. I can’t wait to kick off this new level of filming with this sexy sweetheart of a guy. He’s got a gorgeous dick I can’t wait to wrap my lips around. This will be a no holes bared fuck fest. I’m getting horny as hell just thinking about him right now.

The next professional male porn star I will be filming with is Richard Mann. Gee and I are traveling to San Francisco at the end of February on business. We’ll be there for a week, so I’ll be filming sometime during the first week of March with this hung hottie who is well established in the porn industry. We’ve been interested in fucking together on film for quite some time now, so I look forward to deep throating that huge dick and cumming and squirting all over his pole. I’m sure the footage we create together will be very hot and you’ll want to own a copy of it to add to your porn collection.

In addition to filming throughout 2011, I will also be doing a Radio interview soon with TheBrazenBoys out of NYC and I am also making plans to do a Video interview with Confabnation located in NYC Metro area. I’m looking forward to both of these new experiences in my porn career. Another project we hope to complete this year is getting my website HotwifeKay.com redesigned professionally. Gee is a Senior Systems Engineer and can do almost anything with website development, but his skill set does not include professional graphic design work. He has done a great job with my site based on his ability, but we both want my website to be a unique looking site that is polished and professional looking. Gee has already developed my store that will allow me to sell my videos, DVDS and tangible items. It just needs to be tied in with a merchant processor. Once my website gets a professional face lift the plan is to make it a paid member site. In the meantime my website will remain free for everyone to enjoy my video trailers, photo gallery and many extras too. Speaking of my photo gallery that is also something on my to-do-list. I have hundreds of pictures yet to share from my naughty sexual adventures that I need to keep adding to my website. I’ll be sure to keep you up to date on twitter as I get more pictures added. I have several new albums I’ll be adding in the coming weeks as time allows.

Also on my website I offer my fans free porn minutes on Hotmovies.com. If you haven’t already done so, I hope you will sign up for the free porn minutes. There really are no strings attached friends. I have my own custom VOD (Video On Demand) theater on Hotmovies.com and in a partnership with the website they give me free Pay-Per-Minute Movie cards I can share with my fans. This is something I can give back to you as my way of saying thank you for your interest in me and for visiting my website to see who I am and what I’m all about. All you have to do is follow the easy steps from my website and give me your email address. I’ll take it from there and send you the information you need. You can use the free 30-minute card to watch any porn of your choosing. It’s the perfect opportunity to check out one of my many DVDs, or any other porn. There is literally something for everyone, regardless of what type of porn turns you on. Of course I hope it’s me that turns you on.

I love sharing myself and my slutty adventures as a Hotwife who fucks for pleasure while her husband films it. I love all kinds of sex, but I’m very partial to BBC and I love to do BBC GangBangs the most. If you watch any of my video trailers you will quickly discover that I love what I do and I’m really good at it. I am very vocal sexually and love being both submissive and dominant while having real raw hot sex. I am all about what "Reality Porn" really is. I fuck for the pure pleasure of it. I don't do scripted filming unless I am making a custom video from a requested fan for a fee. My biggest turn on is to capture my own mind blowing sexual experiences on film and then blow your mind while you watch it. It’s the gift that keeps on giving in my world.

So with all that said 2011’s going to be a great year full of all kinds of new and exciting adventures. I'm such a lucky hotwife to be married to the greatest hotwife husband ever. Gee is the reason for this lifestyle we both enjoy so much. I'm excited for all the new experiences still ahead of me. And there are many I can assure you. I'm married to a man who appreciates his classy hotwife who in his mind is the perfect slut toy. He is constantly coming up with new sexual scenarios he wants to see me do. He gets off on capturing all my naughtiness on film so we can share it all with you. I hope you’ll stick around and see what happens in 2011 and beyond. I promise to keep you interested, impressed, horny and wanting more.

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay