Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Saturday Night At Leisure Time In Hartford, CT

Hello Sexy Friends!

I had so much fun last night. Gee and I and our male friend Dee went to Leisure Time in Hartford, CT. It was couples night where you could bring along a boytoy. This club is the only on premise swingers club in the state. The owners Kevin and Karry are a great couple that we’ve known for years. We actually started going to that club back when the original owner Phil who bought the building and turned it into his own private swing club for his friends. Then he eventually opened it up to the public sometime in his late thirties. He sold the club to the current owners when he was in his mid seventies. The new owners are a swinger couple themselves and they have done an incredible job bringing the club up-to-date making it a very sexy place to meet and play with others in the life style. I was very excited to chat with Kevin and get him up to speed with my porn career and everything that Gee and I have been doing to develop my content. He was surprised to hear I had so many DVDs and hundreds of clips since we’d seen him last. I noticed that there were several new sexy nude photographs framed that were hanging on the walls throughout the club. Kevin offered to put my pictures up if I gave him some. My response to that was…hell yes! I’m going to gather up some of my erotic photos and put them in a frame to be added to the collection of sexy pictures at the club. Be sure to look for my pictures in the near future should you decide to go and check out this really fun swinger club. If you go tell Kevin at the door Hotwife Kay recommended his place to you. It’s really an awesome experience to have at least once. More than likely though once you go, you’ll definitely want to go back. They have a DJ that plays a mix of great dancing music and sexy stuff that sets the mood. The dance floor comes complete with a stripper pole and in the background is a big TV where that is nonstop porn playing.

We got to the club about 10pm and got some drinks and found a great table where we could see everyone coming into the club. Both the guys were really enjoying watching the sexy bartender who had an incredible set of tits. They were bigger than mine, but she had small nipples. Of course it didn’t stop the guys from drooling. Especially when she lowered her top and continued to serve drinks with her tits hanging out. Gee made a point of watching her hanging tits every time she bent over to get ice for the drinks. He’s such a dog and I love it. I have no doubt she made some great tips last!

While we were enjoying our drinks it occurred to me that I hadn’t had anything to eat all day. Gee and I spent our afternoon removing 2 feet of snow off our roof that was above our front porch and garage. We are due to get more snow this week and we were concerned about the weight of the snow that was already on the roof. I was excited when I remembered that Kerry always puts out an incredible buffet of food. So Gee and I enjoyed a little food so I wouldn’t get sick and then got back to drinking and working on getting a nice buzz. I made a few trips to the ladies room and every time I went I met a couple new ladies in the bathroom. This one particular chick was really into me and she wasted no time showing me all her body piercing and tattoos. She had 2 different piercing’s that I thought were really hot. They were on her nipples and her pussy lips. She really turned me on and got my pussy wet and tingling. Then it was my turn and I showed her my tits. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head as her mouth dropped open. She immediately put both her hands on my tits and just kept them there as she was feeling them up and smiling at me. I knew it was going to be a fun night. Gee always loves it when I come back from the bathroom because I usually have at least one woman with me that I introduce him too. This lady had a really sexy husband too. Both Gee and our friend were very happy with all the sexy ladies I attracted to our table. That’s another huge turn on for me. I love to go after particular women for my husband and male friends in the lifestyle that they are interested in fucking. I guess that would make me the bait…lol! I find that really hot.

It was probably around midnight when couples started to wander down stairs and up stairs to the playrooms. Gee and I were finishing our drinks and talking to a couple when Dee decided to head upstairs in search of some action. It’s a very exciting environment to be in where you can see, smell and listen to hot sex going on up close in all the rooms. There is one particular room that has this sex chair. It is positioned such that you can be in all kinds of positions to fuck and suck your playmates. When we went upstairs we spotted Dee in one of the rooms fucking some woman on a bed with other women getting fucked too. My sex was pretty wild because it started off with me lying back in that sex chair while Gee fucked me deep and hard. I almost fell off the chair a couple Then all of a sudden out of nowhere Dee was standing next to my head and I started sucking his dick. I could taste his cum from the first load he had already dumped. I love that taste and it just made me even hornier if that’s even possible. Then all of a sudden I felt this thick dick rubbing up and down my right arm. I looked over and it was this black guy with his sexy blonde woman standing there watching me getting fucked. I immediately started sucking this guys dick having no idea what his name was. Like it mattered at this! While Gee kept fucking my pussy I went back and forth sucking both guys dicks. Then it got even hotter when the pretty blonde lended over and starting sucking on my nipples. I started to squirt and was really turned on and got rather vocal. I think that’s when the crowd started to gather in the room. While the blonde was sucking my tits I put my hand down between her legs and started fingering her pussy. I could feel her body quiver from the pleasure, as she got very wet too. She started to giggle and had been doing that off and on. I asked her if she giggled when she was nervous and she said yes with a big smile on her face. I reached up and kissed her and then asked if she had ever tried the chair before and she said no.

I said well it’s your turn to get on the chair. She laid back and I sat on the lower part of the chair putting my face level with her pussy. Guess what I did Yes I started licking and sucking her pussy. She had longer than average pussy lips which I found hot, so I proceeded to suck and pull on them with my lips. While I was tongue fucking her she was face fucking Gee and using her hand to push his ass towards her face so she could take his dick deeper down her throat. With her other hand she went back and forth between stroking Dee and her man’s cock. After she had a few orgasms she got up from the chair and I got right back on it. Then it was Dee’s turn to fuck me whiled I sucked Gee’s dick and some other guy that had wondered over. Gee was standing by making sure that any guy who wanted to fuck me had on a condom, which is very important with strangers, but it was really hot to get fucked by a bunch of men I didn’t know. They found me hot and wanted a piece of the action. While this was going on there were at least three different women that took the opportunity to suck on my nipples. The more I got fucked the more vocal I became. That just translated into more people gathering around to watch the action. That was so hot and just made me get even freakier. I squirted and had several orgasms and then I ended up being covered in cum, which was hot. But I couldn’t film it or take pictures because they are not allowed in the club. That’s ok because I have a great memory and it was a hot night indeed!

I got myself cleaned up and redressed to leave the club. We were almost the last ones to leave, which is the norm for us! It was a fun car ride home for the three of us talking about our night. By this time is was almost 3am in the morning so Dee got in his car and headed home. Gee and I headed into the house and upstairs to our bedroom for round two. I felt this strong desire to give him a real good sloppy blowjob and then I fucked the shit out of his dick with my mouth and throat. And oh my god just when I think my husband can’t fuck me any better, he does. God he felt so good with his dick buried deep in my very wet pussy. Every time he pulled his dick out it just kept getting wetter and wetter. That really turns us both on. He held off as long as he could and then just as I had an outrageous orgasm he came too at the same time shooting his hot sticky load deep inside my pussy. Then I had the perfect ending to my night. My husband held me in his arms and we basked in each other’s love and appreciation for what we share between us and the really erotic night we spent at the club.

I’m the luckiest Hotwife married to the greatest Hotwife husband in the world. I get to have my cake and eat it too. It doesn’t get any better than that! I've just got one more thing to tell you about last night. When I woke up this morning I discovered that my spine was extremely tender and I won’t be surprised if it bruises. I guess that sex chair doesn’t have the padding that it once had because I’ve fucked a million times in that chair and never had my back hurt the next day. The other possibility could be that I got my pussy pounded really good by several guys which kept my back rubbing up and down against the back padding. Regardless it was well worth the fucks I got!


Hotwife Kay