Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Exposed Myself This Time In A Diner

Hello Sexy Friends!

I hope you are enjoying your day and the sun is shinning wherever you happen to be. I wanted to share another picture of me exposing myself in public. This picture was taken by Gee last night at a local diner we like to go to on occasion. I had taken my bra off in the car and buttoned up my jacket in preparation for this photo.

I have to tell you that the feel of my rock hard nipples rubbing against my corduroy jacket had my pussy-dripping wet. It was a bit of a rush knowing that I was going to bare all once in the diner so Gee could take this picture for you. I just know that our waitress saw my tits based on the look on her face when she approached our table to take our order. I think I also gave a few customers a freebie too because I made eye contact with a few once my jacket was opened. I have to admit that I enjoyed exposing myself in public like this. I kept my boobs out in the open as long as I could without getting us kicked out of the restaurant. I’m sure Gee would have loved the extra attention that would have gotten us. He is really starting to get off on this new thing we are doing. I can assure you that we will have a lot more goodies to share soon of me exposing myself in public.

Until then keep it naughty while you are thinking of me.

Wet Kisses,

Hotwife Kay