Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday Night's Naughty Christmas Party

Hello Sexy Friends!

I hope your week is off to a great start. I just got home from the gym and feel pretty good after my workout. Unfortunately there wasn't much in the way of eye candy to look at for inspiration, so instead I reflected on what a great time Gee and I had Saturday night at the swinger Christmas party we attended. We went to the party with a good male friend of ours Michael and planned to meet up with some friends. As it turns out I finally got the opportunity to meet a guy that Gee and I had tried to get together with a few years ago, but it never came together. As a favor to the wife of a couple we are good friends with, we gave this guy Andy a ride to the party since he lives near us and was planning to meet them at the party. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that he was sexier looking in person than in pictures I had seen. We first met and exchanged emails and pictures on the website AFF. Although we had originally planned to meet and possibly play it never came about, that is until Saturday night...:-)

It was a pleasure to give Andy a ride to the party because he had played several times with our friends, but had not seen them in about a year. Needless to say my girlfriend was quite excited to see him and to share him with me too. Now that's my idea of a good! We call each other our naughty girlfriend. We've played as couples and her and I have enjoyed each other as well. I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk with Andy and get to know him a little. I was very turned on by his sexy bald head and large bulge in his pants, not to mention he came across as an intelligent guy with depth. I prefer men that turn me on both mentally and physically and he definitely did that. My girlfriend and I both kept grabbing onto his dick, which was huge from the outside of his pants while we were sitting at a table enjoying some drinks and feeling this sexy guy up. Then we headed to the dance floor for some dirty dancing. We sandwiched Andy between us and while I was behind him I put both my hands down his pants and discovered he was going commando. I thought that was very hot and I really enjoyed feeling him up right there on the dance floor in front of everyone while we did some sexy grinding to the music.

The party was a lot of fun and there was a very good turn out of swingers there enjoying each others company, the great music and all the women dressed sexy. I certainly enjoyed myself and made the most of being naughty while in that environment. I did some dirty dancing on the dance floor with a few different guys, including the husband of our couple friends. I literally fucked him with my eyes on the dance floor and it was very hot for both of us. Also at one point too I snuck into the kitchen behind the bar with one of my dance partners to get a quickie. I wasted no time taking the opportunity to bend over the stainless steel counter and take some dick deep inside my very wet pussy. He made me cum within seconds and it was hot! Then a little bit later on after getting friendly with Andy he pulled me into a side room at the bar and asked me if he could lick my pussy. Of course I said yes by putting my tongue in his mouth and kissing him sensually as I ran my hands all over his bald head letting him know without question that he was definitely turning me on. I sat down in a chair, pulled up my dress and spread my legs so he could taste me. I could tell by his reaction that he liked the way I tasted. He got me very excited as he used his tongue to pleasure my pussy. Then I got down on my knees and pulled out his huge dick and started sucking and deep throating his cock. Just as I was really getting warmed up my girlfriend came around the corner and got to see me in action with her hottie. I love a woman that shares her boy toys! She actually brought another woman into the room to come and watch the action. I offered to share, but she preferred to watch with my girlfriend. The exhibitionist in me enjoyed putting on a show. I find that when I have an audience it gets me even hotter and it is a huge sexual turn on for me.

While I was busy having fun so was my hubby. He met a woman that had come to the party with a guy she was dating. She was dressed very sexy in a skimpy red outfit that caught his eye. He is so smooth and charming and wasted no time capturing her attention and getting her turned on. I think once he started kissing her and complimenting her sexy outfit she was hooked. She ended up bringing her boring date home and came back to the party looking for my sexy husband. The husband of our couple friends was also a busy guy himself with the ladies. He spent some time enjoying the company of a single female friend of theirs that had come to the party with another couple and she too came back to the party after leaving with the couple she had come with. Apparently when the playing part was suppose to happen things didn't workout so she came back to the party. Shortly after both single ladies returned to the party it was time for this party to come to a close. That was when Andy suggested that we all cum back to his place for an after sex party.

As you can imagine with two couples, two single guys, and two single ladies it was a great after party indeed for all of us. I found it very hot to watch my girlfriend and Andy do some wild fucking. He had her squirting and screaming while she rode his big black dick. Another hot scene was when she was sucking his dick and taking direction from our friend Michael as he told her exactly how to suck and pleasure Andy's dick. She told me later that she found that situation a real turn on for her to be told what to do. It wasn't long until I joined in on the fun. I enjoyed making out with my girlfriend and sucking on her big beautiful nipples. Andy and I did some sucking on them together too. That was wicked hot. I also made her pussy gush several times while working my magic fingers. I let the freak in me cum out when I started slapping her pussy. Her hubby just happened to walk into the room when this was going on. He thought it was pretty hot to see. It was also a real turn on for me when Andy started sucking on my toes. He made my pussy get very wet when he was doing this. There were some different hot sexual combinations that went on, but the ones that stick out the most for me were getting fucked deep by Andy's beautiful thick cock. He made me squirt and orgasm several times, also I loved it when my girlfriend was licking and fingering my pussy while I was sucking on Andy's dick and deep throating and sucking on his balls. I was so turned on that I actually squirted a distance of about two feet. I did this two different times while Michael was laying next to me telling me how hot it was to watch me suck dick and squirt. This is something that Gee has been dreaming of seeing me do. He got to hear about it later because he was downstairs licking his new female friends pussy and making out with her in between her sucking on his dick and driving him wild. I think Michael enjoyed himself as he floated back and forth between the various combinations of people playing. I recall going downstairs at one point and both he and Gee were enjoying this single sexy lady between them. I didn't get to see my girlfriends hubby and their single female friend play, but I do know that they enjoyed some good fucking time too. When I saw her later on in the evening she had that freshly fucked look about!

The night was so much fun. I was psyched to finally meet Andy and since he lives near by and we enjoyed each others company we will definitely be playing again. I am looking forward to the opportunity to play with him and my hubby. I also hope to be able to film the hot action so that I can share it with you. Stay tuned for more details on my playing with this sexy guy. There are so many things I want to do to him and have him do to me too. I also hope to invite him to a future gangbang or two as well.

If you think my night ended there....wrong! Come on you know me better than! Once Gee and I got home and talked about both our experiences he fucked the shit out of me. He was very turned on to hear all the naughty things I did at the bar and at the after party, including my long distance squirting. He is looking forward to capturing that on film sometime soon. After we finished having hot sex that included several orgasms and a lot of squirting we both fell asleep. Yesterday was a day of football and reflection on the fun we had the night before. I also chatted a little on IM with my new friend Andy. We exchanged some naughty pictures and videos getting each other all turned on and looking forward to our next get together which I hope will be sometime very soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my naughty Christmas party. I've been a very bad girl this year, so I hope that my naughty Santa will bring me some very naughty gifts that I can share and tell you all about.

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay