Sunday, February 28, 2010

After A Great Night Out I Pleasured Gee With Head

Hello Sexy Friends!

I had a great time last night going out with Gee to see some sexy male dancers and then listen to one of our favorite bands at one of our hangouts. We ran into some friends of ours and made some new ones too. I met a very sexy new lady that seemed as interested in Gee and I, as we did her. Her name is Lisa and she just so happens to live the next town over from us. I met her in the ladies bathroom and we started talking. I was telling her about my very sexy hubby and then I pointed him out from across the bar and she definitely liked what she saw. I brought her over and introduced them. The attraction was mutual between the three of us. We are planning on meeting one night this week for drinks. I am very excited because I want to share a hot woman with my hubby and she just might be the one. I'll keep you posted on how that plays out this week.

I also met very sexy new brotha by the name of Sam that I found to be very sexy and hot. I enjoyed a dance with him which gave me a chance to feel him and smell him too. All I can say is that he was one fine looking brother with a very sexy smile and dimples that got me all excited. I might get the chance to play and film with him at some point, but unfortunately I won't be able to show you his face due to his professional career. I respect his position in that regard, as I have several male friends that I enjoy playing and filming with that I have to leave their faces out of the picture. The sex is just too damn good though to pass up, so I'm always willing to make exceptions.

After Gee and I left the bar and headed home I slipped into a sexy outfit and gave my man some really good head. He enjoyed taking these pictures of me so I could share them with you. By the time he was cumming he was no longer thinking about taking pictures, so you'll have to use your imagination to figure out how it all played out. I will tell you this much, he covered he in his hot sticky cum and I enjoyed a little of it too that I savored on my tongue and then swallowed. My man was good to the last drop.


Hotwife Kay