Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Hot Date With Hubby & Our Sexy Girlfriend Savannah

Hey Guys!

Sunday night was a blast with our hot new girlfriend Savannah. We met her at a local Chili’s for Margaritas and sexy conversation. Who would have thought before the night was over that we’d all still be awake at sun up naked having hot sex. I say this because this was just suppose to be drinks, but whenever we get together it leads to more. Like great conversation, sexual pleasure, laughter and the realization of all the fun that awaits us.

After sampling several different types of margaritas on the menu and munchies we paid the bill at closing time and decided we weren’t ready to call it a night just yet. I suggested that Gee ride with Savannah while I followed behind in our car. I wanted to give the two of them a little one-on-one flirt time. We settled on going to the very bar where the three of us first met. We had a couple more drinks while making it obvious to the others in the bar that Gee was there with two sexy women. I think Gee actually stood a little bit taller with two babes on his arms…lol. By the time we closed the bar (see a trend? teehee) we were all pretty horny and didn’t want the night to end. We decided to go back to our house with the unspoken realization that we were going to have hot sex.

I made some drinks while Gee set the mood with some sexy music and then started getting touchy feely with Savannah. I could hear the two of them getting each other all warmed up. It gave me a lot of pleasure to give my wonderful husband the same pleasures that he affords me with other men. I have to say that I loved how hot the two of them looked together. It was an incredible turn on for me to watch the two of them making out. After a little while I joined in on the fun kissing them both and running my hands all over her beautiful tits.

Savannah at one point commented on how hot my heels were and I offered to let her try them on. That was when we discovered we wore the same size shoes, not to mention that we both wear the same size clothes. I asked her if she would like to try on some of my other hot heels and some of my sexy club wear. She loved the idea, so while the two of them were going at it I ran upstairs to our bedroom to bring down some stuff so we could put on a little sexy fashion show for Gee. He was very excited with the idea and with enjoying her hot tight body that he was on the verge of fucking. When I came back downstairs they were in the middle of some serious hot fucking. I joined in by making out with Gee while he continued to fuck Savannah. As soon as we started kissing I thought Savannah was going to lose it. She really got off on watching us make out while he fucked the shit out of her. Then I started kissing her too and we all found it a huge turn on. At one point I got behind Gee and started rubbing my naked body up and down his back. With my rock hard nipples he could feel them rubbing back and forth from his neck down to his ass. I was also running my hands all over both of their naked bodies and that got my pussy tingling and dripping wet. After everyone came we enjoyed another drink and then Savannah and I put on a hot fashion show for Gee. I had so much fun because it was like having my very own life size Barbie doll. We took turns trying on outfits and it gave me a lot of pleasure to show her just how hot she really is. I should mention here that she is not a swinger and so she didn’t have the type of club wear that I have, so she had no idea how hot she looked while being dressed like a little slut..lol…a hot little slut I might add!

Yes I can proudly say that I am the very first woman that Savannah has ever been with, not to mention we are the only couple she has ever been with too. Gee and I got ourselves a hottie who is, or I should say was, a virgin in the Swinger World! What makes it even more exciting and awesome is that she is a beautiful woman - on the inside and out. We hit the lottery for sure.

After we finished our fashion show there was more hot sex that lasted until we realized that daytime had arrived unfortunately. We offered Savannah our guest room to catch a little sleep before heading home to start her week. While she slept peacefully across the hall Gee and I had some outrageously hot sex. He was beside himself that we have met this wonderful woman that turns us both on and he gets to have hot sex with two women at once. Isn’t that every man’s fantasy after all?

This is an exciting and special friendship that we look forward to enjoying and seeing where it takes us all. Savannah is very open to experiencing lots of new sexual adventures with us. Stay tuned, as I’m sure I will have much more to share in the cumming months.


Hotwife Kay