Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Went To A Wild Party Last Saturday

Hello Sexy Friends!

I wanted to tell you about this wild party that Gee and I went to on Saturday night. A vanilla friend of ours had a buddy who was hosting a party to celebrate the opening of his new business venture. The funny part was that the business is an Entertainment business where he provides everything from live bands, DJs, catering services, dancers, strippers, etc. You get the idea here. It was really amusing to be at this kind of party because not one person there had any idea that we were in the porn industry. The party was an all day and night event where they had a sampling of all the services that his business provides. There was also a very interesting mix of people there. It really got interesting when the group of strippers showed up. There were a couple of attractive girls out of the group, but I’m sure most of the guys there liked all of them for the lack of clothing they were wearing.

This party had both a live band and a DJ to provide the music. The DJ was this really cute black guy name Eric. I made a point of introducing myself to him. I noticed his smile and couldn’t resist. That smile and the way he smelled had me thinking some very naughty thoughts of what I would like to have done to him and with him. My naughty mind just never! The party included free beer and liquor and a nice buffet with some great food. There was also a gambling table, a multi-room tent that was setup complete with furniture, including couches, recliners and even a disco ball. This was the strippers performed lap dances and happy endings, etc. There was also a stripper pole setup on the other side of the tent with lights and benches to sit on for when it got dark out. Of course all the really naughty things really kicked in after it got dark out. I will admit I enjoyed the show by one particular sexy stripper. She was a black girl with a really nice set of tits. What can I say I love tits!

There was a photographer at the party walking around taking pictures of the event as part of the promotion of this first event of the entertainment business. I spoke to him and he told me he was a photographer by day for a major television sports network. On his own time though, he provides photography services for other venues. I believe there is suppose to be a website where all the pictures he took at this party are going to be posted. I’ll let you know what I find out and hopefully I’ll be able to share them with you too.

As much as I would have loved to be completely open with who I was at this party, Gee and I were with vanilla friends, so we enjoyed the party just like everyone else there. I got my share of attention, but I chose to keep it low key, with the exception for one guest that Gee and I met and she was a hot ticket. This woman was a former cooking teacher of our friend who put on the buffet at the party. I am a firm believer that like people find each other. I believe what got the conversation going between us when I pointed out Eric the DJ to our new friend Ann. She thought he was attractive too and proceeded to tell Gee and I that she has a 25-year-old black boyfriend. I’m not going to say either of us where shocked until she told us she was 70. Yes she is 70 years old, definitely didn’t look it and she loves black men. Her 25 year old boyfriend is just one of a few young hotties she entertains. The conversation that followed was an absolute blast. The three of us had so much to talk about. We shared a lot about our lifestyle with the exception of doing porn. We thought we’d save that for another time if it ever served a purpose. She had some pretty wild stories of her own to share. We made plans to get together soon for dinner. In fact Gee and Ann are going to cook together. She taught cooking for years and has traveled the globe learning about different types of food. Gee is also a gourmet chef (not for a living) and has the same passion for cooking as Ann. She invited us to come to her home so we can enjoy some good food, conversation and who knows what else. She did mention she has a hot tub, so I’m sure I’ll have some juicy stories to share at a later date.

The party was a really good time over all. With the hint of sex in the air and the mix of people there it was fun to people watch. We also did a fair amount of mingling too with people we knew and with new ones we met. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the pictures that were taken. I know that the strippers would not allow pictures to be taken of them, but I’m sure there will still be some pretty hot pictures that get posted. Stay tuned cause I’m going to find out where they are being posted.

After Gee and I left the party we went home to have a little party of our own. A “sex party” that is. After spending hours in that environment and all the sex conversation with Ann; Gee and I were ready to pleasure each other. All I can say is holy shit! We had some outrageous sex and I had a bunch of orgasms. The hottest moment was when I had three different kinds of orgasms at the same time. I had a clitoral orgasm with my vibrator, while Gee was fucking me deep and hard giving me a cervical orgasm and I also started squirting too which is a different type of orgasm from the others. That was the first time I ever experienced all three at the same time and it was AWESOME!! I was lost in complete and total pleasure that lasted for what felt like forever. God damn my husband is one hell of a lover and he knows exactly how to pleasure me. It was by far the best sex we have ever had in 25 years. I am one very happy and lucky woman indeed.


Hotwife Kay