Monday, September 13, 2010

My STEELERS Won Today In Overtime Against The Atlanta Falcons

Hello Sexy Friends!

I was so excited tonight when my STEELERS won against the Atlanta Falcons during overtime. My team is off to a great start for the 2010 – 2011 football season. My favorite player on the team to watch play is Troy Polamalu #43. I call him the human bowling ball because of the way he throws his body at other players on the field. The man is amazing to watch and he’s got some incredible skills. He really is a lot of fun to watch in action. My hubby bought me his jersey as a gift recently and I wanted to get some pictures wearing it to celebrate our first win of the season. I put on my jersey and a pair of my favorite stiletto heels and went out onto my deck so my hubby Gee could take some pictures of me. I thought you might enjoy seeing them too.

I will be blogging again in the next day or two to tell you all about my Saturday night. I’ll save the details for later. But I will say this, I ended up doing three shoots instead of the originally planned two with three different BBCs. Two of the guys I had played with before, but one of them I met for the first time yesterday and we fucked and I have to say it was really hot. He will be a repeat very soon. I fucked for a total of 14hrs of filming and that does not include the sex I’ve had three times since then with my husband. My man’s been walking around with a raging hard-on that could pound! I blew his mind last night by all the things I did. I was the perfect naughty slut wife just the way my husband loves me to be. The night was outrageous and a whole lot of fun too. As you can imagine I have a very sore pussy today, but I’m still horny thinking about all the really hot sex I had!

You won’t believe some of the things I did to fulfill a sexual fantasy of my husband’s. I have some pictures that I’ll be showing you in my next blog that will give you a better idea of just how far I was willing to go to make my husband happy and blow his mind.

I’ll be back soon to tell you all about my hot Saturday night of fucking that went into Sunday morning.


Hotwife Kay