Friday, November 26, 2010

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Hello Sexy Friends!

I’ve got a hot new video to share with you in my GangBang store. It’s called “My 5th BBC GangBang Part 3”. If you enjoy my vocal side you will definitely find this video to be hot and worthing of adding to your Reality Porn collection. I had so much fun this night, and if you recall it ended with the Police escorting my husband and I, and my sexy friends off the hotel property. Just wait till you see the remaining videos from this hot night of getting gangbanged. There are many more orgasms and screams to cum before the night is over.

This video starts off with me getting my pussy drilled deep and hard by Mr. ManAconda. My screams and whimpering of sexual pleasure cannot be denied as this huge BBC plunges in and out of my pussy stretching out my wet hole making me squirt as I take Jay Royale's dick deep down my throat at the same time. Next they have me on my knees while Jay grabs me by my hips and fucks me doggie style good and hard as ManAconda has me by my head stuffing his huge dick down my throat. If you get off on the sounds of a slut gagging and grunting while her throat gets stretched out with dick you will definitely get off on this video. While all this was going on BlakLexxx showed up to the party and you can see the look on his face in the background. He loved what he saw and was so glad to be there to join in this hot gangbang. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter I climb onto ManAcondas’s huge pole while I’m wearing my white knee high boots and take that BBC for a ride as I grind my pussy back and forth rocking it and fucking it good. Then he takes his turn and speed fucks the shit of pussy making my phat ass giggle just the way I know the brothas like it. Then I lie back on the bed and spread my legs wide as ManAconda slowly grinds his rod deep in me while we make out in a passionate kiss. With his lips on mine he can feel all my orgasms as my entire body quivers with pleasure from head to toe. This was real raw sensual erotic pleasure! With my head hanging over the edge of the bed Jay approaches me and stuffs his dick down my throat. This got me so turned on that I reached up and grabbed his ass from behind and pulled him onto my mouth. I face fuck his dick until I made him cum and I drank his entire hot sticky load down my throat with one huge gulp. Just listen to the sounds he makes and you’ll know just how much I wrecked him and it was hot!

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