Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My New Video Is Loaded With Hot Raw Sex

Hi Guys!

I have a hot new video I’m excited to share with you today. This one is in my GangBang store now and it’s called “My 5th BBC GangBang Part 2”. Just take a minute and watch my hot trailer link below and you’ll get a really good idea of just how hot this night was. As you may recall we were kicked out of the hotel that night at 4am for having sex too loud. Once you see how I get fucked you’ll understand why and be glad it wasn’t you on the other side of the wall unless you get off on hearing others have intense sex. This was early in the evening before BlakLexxx showed up.

I was totally enjoying myself with these two very sexy brothas who really got off on making me scream and loose my mind. In this video clip the sex just kept getting hotter. I got tag teamed in grand fashion by Jaye Royale and new adult performer ManAconda who I nicnamed after his huge dick. This 2 on 1 fuck-fest is loaded with raw hot sex. My intense screams and moans filled the room and beyond eventually leading to the first round of bangs on the other side of the wall from hotel guests who couldn’t sleep while I was getting the daylights fucked out of me. There’s a very hot scene where I back my phat ass up onto ManAconda’s huge dick fucking my pussy with intense rhythm. Then he grabs me by my hips and drills me deep while grabbing onto my shoulders. The guys took turns working both of my wet holes. My mouth and my pussy took an incredible pounding as my husband worked his magic behind the camera to capture his fantasy Hotwife cum true being a real naughty slut. Gee had a hard on all night long watching me in action as his own personal slut.

This video is a “turn you on and gets you hard” kind of Reality Porn – to the Max! Cum listen to me grunt and make hot sexual noises that can’t be ignored. This will explain why the night ended with a police escort off the property. I hope I get you hard or make you wet while you watch my trailer. If you find it hot and would like to see the whole video clip just visit my GangBang store by clicking on the link below. I have tons of video clips with me getting GangBanged by hot hung BBC making me scream, moan and grunt with sexual pleasure. I love the idea of you watching me have sex while you have sex too. It’s such a turn on for me.

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Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay