Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I've Been Under The Weather, But I'm Coming Back

Hi Sexy Friends!

I'm finally feeling well enough to write and share what I've been up to. About three weeks ago I came down with some really bad head pains that were out of the ordinary. I've had headaches here and there, but not with the incredible intensity of these that have just kept getting worse. At first I thought it was a just the usual sinus infection, but after taking a round of antibiotics and the pain continued to get worse, I knew it was something more than that. I’ll spare you all the details other than to say I’ve been to my General Practitioner, the Emergency Room twice, my Dentist and a Neurologist all in an attempt to try and figure out what is causing my pain. I’ve had a CT Scan, a spinal tap to check for spinal meningitis, I was tested for Lime Disease and finally today I had an MRI done. Hopefully my Neurologist will be able to figure what I have based on my MRI scan results tomorrow. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. I’d really your appreciate positive thoughts and prayers getting sent my way.

I’m tired of not feeling 100% myself. I have not been able to keep up my usual pace with producing my video clips and doing my slutty thing on screen. I’ve been going after my husband non-stop though because even when I’m sick I can never get enough sex. What can I say, other than I love all the pleasures that come with sex. I could never squirt or orgasm enough!

I will say that as I start to feel better I’ve got some really hot new material to share with you. I met Brandon Longwood in NYC early February and we had a great fucking session. I gave him cameraman one hell of a blowjob he won’t forget anytime soon for sure. I also did a very hot gangbang with Naughty Alysha in early January. I have a couple new Fuck-A-Fans to share with you and one outrageous night of non-stop squirting. The squirting video is definitely going to be one of my hottest videos ever.

Additionally my husband is almost done with the specs for my new website. I’m very excited to be joining’s network of sites. I have more men lined up that want to fuck on film with me. I’m going to be busy as hell between now and forever. And I’m just blown away by all the interest from others. All I can say is “Bring It On”! I’m psyched to get back to being a slutty freak 1st for my husband and then for you.

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay