Monday, April 13, 2009

A Fantasy You Wouldn't Expect!

It's late, and I'm driving home from a shopping trip. I bought a really sexy red mini dress. It is extremely short and so low cut that it barely holds my 38D's in. I also bought some matching red lingerie, including red garter belt, thigh highs and red heels. I liked them all so much that I decided to wear them home. I live a little outside of town, and I've taken a very remote shortcut home, so it's kind of dark on the two-lane road. Suddenly I hear a loud pop, and realize I have a flat tire. I pull over to the side of the road and get out. Seeing the flat tire, I stand there trying to decide what to do. In the distance, coming up behind me, I see the lights of another car. Relieved, but a little nervous, I wait until the car pulls up behind me and stops. Three young men, all about 20 get out of the car and walk up to me, leaving their headlights on. I notice all three of them checking me out, their eyes roaming over my scantily clad body.

As they reach the back of my car, one of them says "need a little help ma'am"? Smiling at him, I answer, "yeah, I guess I do. I don't think I can change this tire wearing this dress, now can I"? Looking at the other two guys, and smiling, the first guy says, "no, I guess you can't now can you. Well let's see what we can do about that". Turning my back to them, and reaching into my car to pop the trunk lid, I'm suddenly grabbed from behind. Before I can scream, I feel a hand reach around and cover my mouth. My arms are pinned behind me and the guys drag me around to the back of my car. Spinning me around so that I'm facing the trunk of my car, they force me to bend over the trunk. One of the guys literally rips the dress from my body, leaving me in my garter belt, thigh highs and heels. Grabbing my hair, the first guy leans over and says into my ear. "Now bitch, we're gonna have some fun, and you're gonna do exactly what we say, aren't you?" Realizing I have no choice, I nod my head yes. The guy spins me back around and releases me. The guys are standing in a semi circle around me and there's nowhere I can run. All three unbuckle their pants and remove their clothes until all three are completely naked. The first thing I notice is that all three have very large cocks, and they're all hard as rocks. The leader reaches down and begins stroking his cock up and down and smiling at me. "Ok bitch" he says, "get on your knees". Reluctantly I comply and all three guys gather around me. One reaches down, grabs my hair and forces me to lean my head back. They all three move in closer until their cocks are poised right above my face. "Open up and say ahhhh" the first guy says while laughing. Suddenly he forces the head of his cock into my mouth and shoves it all the way until I feel his balls resting against my chin. Holding my head, he begins fucking my mouth. In and out, faster and faster, while the other two are jerking their massive cocks faster and faster.

They each take turns fucking my mouth, until it appears they're getting close to cumming. The leader suddenly grabs me and raises me to my feet. They drag me back to their truck and open the tailgate. Hoisting me into the bed of the truck, the guys position themselves so that one is lying on his back. They put me on top of him, straddling him as I feel his huge cock slide into my very wet pussy. For just a split second I realize that although I am scared as shit the experience is really turning me on. He reaches up and pulls me down to him and one of the other guys climbs up behind me. Grabbing my hips, he places his cock against my pussy and shoves it in hard, right along with the other guy's cock. Stretched to the limit, my pussy feels like it's being ripped apart. The leader grabs my hair again and turns my head to the side, and guides his cock into my mouth. I'm being fucked into oblivion as they guys are using my body as they wish. After they fucked me rough like this for a while they switched positions making me lick my own pussy juices off of each of their cocks while they continued to fuck me.

The leader then suddenly says out loud with a laugh “let’s fuck her ass now and stretch her asshole out real good”. They pulled me off of the truck tailgate and made me bend over the back end of the truck with my ass facing outward and my legs spread. Each guy stood on either side of me holding my ass cheeks open while the third guy repeatedly rammed his hard cock deep into my ass. I started to scream so one of them pulled my head back by my hair and the other put his hand over my mouth saying shut up bitch or we’ll fuck you even harder. They each took a turn at fucking my ass while the others kept me in position for taking cock deep in my ass. This went on for what seemed like forever as my legs were shaking when they suddenly stop. "Ok slut", the leader says. "Now you're gonna swallow some cum!" Taking turns, they each fuck my mouth until they shot load after load of hot cum down my throat, making sure I swallow every drop. MMMMMM.... gang raped... the ultimate fantasy!