Monday, April 13, 2009

Tips To Increase Volume Of Cum And Make It Taste Sweeter

Guys would you like to know how to increase your volume of cum and make it taste sweeter? Here are some tips for you that are known to definitely work.

If you want to increase your volume of cum you need to eat lots of protein, nuts and egg whites. Since too many eggs are not good for your diet and can increase your cholesterol, you can purchase egg whites by themselves. Just go to any local grocery store and look in the section where you would find yogurt, sour cream and butter products. It cums (lol) in a container that looks like cream you would buy for your coffee. It will say egg whites right on the container and you can usually find it in both pint and quart sizes. The more of this that you consume, the greater volume of cum you will produce. It may not take effect immediately, but if you add it to your diet you will see an increase in you're volume over time.

Now to make you’re cum taste sweeter you should eat lots of ice cream and pineapples. You can eat the pineapples, or you may prefer to drink pineapple juice. Either of these will do the trick. Also, you will want to stay away from spicy foods. You don’t have to give up spicy food entirely, but rather avoid them around the times you anticipate sexual play. I would recommend avoiding anything spicy for 48 to 72 hours prior to sexual activity. If you really get off on a woman swallowing and or at least taking you’re cum in her mouth you will want to make the exceptions to your diet.


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