Sunday, April 12, 2009

Your Smile Says It All

Hello Friends!

I have a theory that I want to share with you. The way we present ourselves determines the impression others have of us. I see so many good-looking men that don’t understand how much power there is in a smile. I have profiles out on a few different sites and I see the same thing again and again. More often than not men have pictures of their privates as their main picture. That is mistake number one. Think about this one guys and perhaps it will make more sense. Would you be interested in a woman just by looking at a picture of her pussy? She could have a beautiful one, but a face that doesn’t light your fire. The same is true for women. For those guys that do post pictures of their faces on their profile, more often then not it’s a picture with a serious look. That is mistake number two.

I can’t impress upon you enough that a face picture of you smiling is where it should always begin. I can promise you that it can only improve your chances of getting laid. Our smiles say a lot about who we are. They tell others that we are approachable. You get one shot at capturing another person’s attention. If you stop for a second and think about looking at a sexy woman that turns you on, doesn’t that put a smile on your face? That look should be your introduction. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. It is important that you start with your smile and then once you have their interest you can share your privates. If you want a woman to know that you are well endowed you can include that in the written part of your profile. Showing a woman that you have a cock the size of a soda bottle, or whatever isn’t going to get you the reaction you are looking for. This piece of advice you can take to the bank for sure. Women look for more than just what you are packing when they decide whom they want to play with.

If you truly want to be successful in meeting potential playmates, you need to think more like a woman to get a woman. What captures a man’s attention and interest is different than what captures a woman’s attention. You need to show a tender side to spark an interest. Your smile is the perfect place to start.

I hope that my advice helps you and I wish you the very best in your search for playmates.


Sensual Hotwife Kay