Sunday, April 12, 2009

Check Out The First Video From My First GangBang Series - Kay's BBC Bang1

Hello Sexy Friends!

I have a series of videos to share with you from my first GangBang. This video called “Kay's First BBC GangBang1 Part One Camera One” is actually part one from camera one. We had two cameras running throughout the night so that we could share the experience with you from two different angles.

These new friends >“Mr. Tee”, “Sweetness” and “Mr. Ed” are some great guys that Gee and I met. I feel very fortunate to have been lucky to meet these guys for the first time to play and we all had so much fun together. They were true gentlemen with the perfect mix of freak that was the perfect match for the freak in me. These guys were already friends with each other prior to meeting me. I have Mr. Tee to thank for bringing us all together. They had already done gangbangs together and I must say they work quite well together blowing married hotwives minds. They definitely know how to please a woman, and please me they certainly did. I’m certain that I left my mark with each of them and they want to play with me again as much as I want to play with them. We made some hot film together and I can’t wait to share the rest of it with you very soon. Be sure to check back because I am going to melt your screen and milk your big hard cock. Yummy!

In my first video you get to see how the night started and with each new video I will show you how the entire night played out from two different points of view. I have no doubt that you will find all the action very hot to see and hear. Let me tell you friends that it was one hot night of gangbang sex that I shared with three sexy well-hung brothers. Cum watch me suck, lick, spit and deepthroat all three of their huge, thick, fat, black cocks. I got off on getting face-fucked, fingered, touched, rubbed, getting my pussy licked and fucked deep and hard. These sexy studs shoved their cocks deep down my throat again and again making my pussy squirt and making me lose my mind.

As I share each new clip in this series you will see just how much I loved the attention of many thick black cocks all to myself. And since every clip adds another piece to the Kay GANGBANG puzzle you will see why the entire picture is sooooooooooooooo HOT you just HAVE to see them all.

This is just the start of the BBCBang1 GANGBANG Series, but it is HOT, HOT, HOT! It's like a fuse in a box of dynamite - It's the start of something Really, Really HOT that leads to a HUGE EXPLOSION (of cum) at the end. And just like a fuse, you HAVE to have every piece of it!

So grab this one while it's HOT! And the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and .......BOOM! Cum everywhere!!!! To get your own copy of the action as it unfolded just click on my store link below.

Kisses Sweetie,

Sensual Hotwife Kay

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