Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Third And Completed Footage Of Hotwife Kay Raw & Unedited - Fulfilling A FAN-tasy Is Available

Hello Sexy Friends!

This is the third and final part of my 2nd feature of my new series "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited!" In this "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited Fulfilling A FAN-tasy Part Three" video a FANs fantasy keeps on cummin as I suck his dick and he fucks me raw.

This hot footage shows me on my knees sucking my fans big black dick for all its worth. I literally fucked his dick with my mouth and no hands as I turned this six-foot something well-hung brotha to a pile of mush. I was so turned on that I climbed on so I could feel his pole deep inside my white wet pussy. Gee started taking pictures of that huge BBC going in and out of my wet hole as he stretched me out and made me scream and moan with pleasure. Then he rolled me over and I spread my legs wide so he could lick my squirting pussy juices right before he fucked me.

This sexy man had me by my hips and was grinding me onto his huge cock. I lost my mind with ecstasy as I felt every single entry he made as he penetrated me deep over and over turning my pussy literally inside out. Then he rolled me onto my side and continued to fuck me with a vengeance as he kissed me sensually and we both came together as the waves of pleasure consumed us.

This video is another "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited!" version of my hot Sexcapades. Cum meet the real Hotwife Kay (the real me in play mode) and my husband Gee and you will understand why we do this and get off on sharing it with you our friends. Click Here to visit my store if you would like to purchase this special video or one of my many other hot videos.

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay