Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Had Car Sex At The Casino With A Boy Toy

Hello Sexy Friends!

I wanted to write and tell you about a very naughty thing I did recently. This past weekend Gee wanted to go to the Casino and do a little gambling. I am not a gambler myself, but I usually go because I want to be with him and I make a good distraction for the other players giving my honey a little advantage. I love to be his eye candy and I also love to be the object of others sexual desires. I know I know, I am a good little naughty slut hotwife indeed…lol!

As luck would have it for me I came up with a great idea on our way down to the casino. I thought boy it would sure be a lot of fun if I could call one of my boy toys to meet for some hot car sex while Gee played cards. I shared this idea with Gee and he thought it was brilliant. That was all I needed to hear and my fingers went right to business text messaging one of my favorite hotties that I knew would find a way cum hell or high water to meet me for sex.

I was so flattered and very excited that my first pick came through to cum and meet me. It took some last minute effort on his part and an hour and a half ride to get to me, but get to me he did indeed!! Of course I made it well worth his effort and we had a blast. I even got caught sitting naked in the second row of our mini van yakking away during a sex break with my boy toy. I completely forgot that I was naked in my car in the well-lit parking garage. I got a sudden reminder when a group of young guys who had just entered the parking garage from some nearby elevators starting whistling and yelling sexual comments to me through an open window of my car. For just a moment I felt like a kid who got caught doing something wrong, but then my brain engaged and I was flattered and found it hot that I got caught being a naughty slut hotwife. It would have been very easy to get them over to my car for a closer look, but I thought better of the idea since we were both sitting there naked and we weren’t done playing yet. It wasn’t long until these guys got in their car while honking the horn and disappeared as quickly as they came. Now I was even more turned on and wanted to feel that beautiful big hard black cock in my pussy again.

It was rather funny to be laying on my back with my legs pinned against the ceiling of my van getting fucked while my friend couldn’t help himself from constantly being on the lookout for others who might be arriving or leaving this area of the parking garage. After all it was his face that was out there showing. I was well hidden and getting off on getting fucked. I didn’t let any of this stop me from screaming, moaning and taking dirty to my boy toy as we fucked away for quite a while more. He came in my pussy twice and I lost count of how many orgasms I had. I squirted a lot too and completely covered him in my juices. What a hot sight to see that rock hard dick slippery wet from my pussy. Gee did call once to check in and listen to my sounds of getting the shit fucked out of me. I must have given him some extra luck because he made some good money that night while his slutty hotwife was out in the car fucking her boy toy bareback. What a great night I had. I can’t wait to do it again. Who knows, maybe one day it will be you who catches me in the act.

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay