Monday, June 29, 2009

Where Did The Month Of June Go?

Hello Sexy Friends!

I can't believe how long it has been since I last wrote to you in my blog. This has been a very busy month for me in my personal life. Gee and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary and we attended Gee’s 30th high school reunion out of state. Our anniversary celebration was low key, but very romantic. Gee’s high school reunion was an absolute BLAST!! At least half the people who attended the weekend long reunion told him that he looked the same as he did in high school. At one point some of his friends started calling his Benjamin Button…lol! I have to admit that they were right. He has aged very well and can still fuck me like he did at 21. Many of the guys there had put on weight and or were balding or had graying hair. There were only a handful of women that were more attractive than in high school. I loved it when Gee was approached by a couple of the most popular girls from his high school years that told him he won the award for the hottest guy from his graduating class. It was so funny to watch this man literally blush. I was very happy for him and very flattered that it was my sexy guy they were talking about.

Regardless of how everyone looked, it was such a great time for everyone who attended. I had remembered a few people from his 10th year reunion, which was the last one he attended, but this was a much larger gathering and even as one of the wives I felt so welcomed by all his old high school classmates. It was a great time to reminisce about those years when life was free of any real responsibilities other than completing homework assignments and getting home on time for curfew. I really enjoyed hearing the exchange of many great stories and even getting to meet the first girl Gee took out on a date in grade school (they went to a basketball game), as well as a few girls he dated while in high school. He was from a small town and this great group of people all attended kindergarten through high school together.

Of course nobody knew about our lifestyle or our involvement in the adult entertainment industry. That just wasn’t the place to share that. It was fun however, to step back in time and have the opportunity to be a part of Gee’s life "before us" for just a little while. I always knew it, but I know it now even more that I am such a lucky girl to be Gee’s girl. I wouldn’t have it any other way.