Tuesday, June 23, 2009

He Walks In My Dreams

Hello Sexy Friends,

I have an erotic story that I'd like to share with you. I hope it makes you horny. Enjoy!!


Hotwife Kay

Living in the country, secluded and nestled among the fully dressed summer trees, there was no need to lock the doors of my tiny house. The day had been long, hot and humid. Even with the darkness of night falling, the summer heat still caressed my body as I slipped from my shorts and halter-top (I love that halter-top, it's stark whiteness against my bronzed body, the crisscross spaghetti straps across my bare back that seductively holds the thin material tight against my breasts.) I walked to the tub, drawing the water to only a tepid temperature, I scented it with heather and lavender, and slipped into the water. Its slight coolness tingled against me, my nipples grew hard as the water worked like a lovers fingers exploring my body.

My hands trailed the suds across my erect nipples, stopping, my fingertips dancing around through the lather, to find the firmness beneath it. A moan escaped my lips, as flesh met flesh. I closed my eyes, losing myself in the sensations that my fingers sent through my body, as they took my control of my breasts, rubbing gently...longing for a lover to come and let his tongue tease and possess them.

Deep in thought of my mysterious lover, ("but he is no stranger, for I know him and he comes to walk in my dreams, it is the thought of him that excites me, ignites my body," I said out loud.) my hands traveled across my stomach, gently caressing, the water lapping over me like the silkiness of a lovers tongue. I felt the warmth spread through my body. My legs parted slightly and I ran my hands up my inner thighs, finding the softness sending a sweet sensation through even my fingers.

The phone rang, startling me, pulling me quickly from my thoughts, and I grabbed a towel by the tub, wrapping it loosely around me and hurrying to answer it. Just as I reached the phone, the ringing stopped. Irritated, I poured a glass of wine, dropped the towel in a heap on the floor, and walked out on my back porch. The moon was full, capturing me as a spotlight and I stood naked, letting the moon stare at me and the slight breeze finished drying me as I sipped my wine. (I love the freedom of standing naked with nature.)

It was late when I sat my empty glass on the small table. I'd watched the night creatures play in the field, listened to the humming of creation and found myself at peace. Grabbing some lotion off the counter as I went inside, I rubbed the lotion deep into my skin, the thought coming to me again "I need the touch of a man."

Crawling into bed, I pulled the thin cool sheet to my waist. I'd washed the sheets earlier in the day and then hung them on the line outside to dry and they smelled of sun, deliciously calm. The night breeze waltzed through the window and became my lover as I drifted into sleep and dreams of him.

Gentle and soft, kisses sprinkled across my face, a finger tracing down my neck, circling around my exposed breasts, my nipples hardened to the touch, warm breath touched my skin, my name whispered softly, husky in my ear, pulling me from my dreams, waking me from my sleep. I smiled, keeping my eyes closed, savoring the sweetness of my dream and then realized, it was not a dream.

My breath caught as you worked your kisses down my body, taking a nipple in your mouth and lightly sucking, gently nibbling, going from one to the other. Stroking your hand across my stomach, your fingertips arousing me. Your name came from my lips, and you pulled yourself on top of me, looking in my eyes, smiling. "Surprise." You whispered.

At that moment I realized you are as naked as I, your hard cock pushing against the thin sheet that separated our bodies. I laughed, "You certainly know how to wake a woman."

Bringing your lips to mine, it was the first we tasted of each other's kiss. Soft upon my lips, your tongue teasing tracing my lips before you came to join it with mine. My fingers ran through the hair on your chest, as we explored each other's mouths. I loved the feeling of the soft hair; it sent tantalizing electricity through me. Your breath caught as my nails gently rake across your nipples; you looked up at me and smiled. Your nipples hardened as I continued teasing them with my nails. I loved the look of pleasure resting on your face that was lit by the moonlight that fell through the window.

I wrapped my arms around you, pulling your body against me, craving the feeling of your naked chest, your nipples as hard as mine, pressed tight against me. Your ridged cock pressing against my pussy, the sheet now damp between us. My body arched up, seeking the closeness of you, and I pushed at the sheet that kept us separated, hungry to feel you, to taste you. I wanted to run my tongue across your chest, and work my way down your stomach. Eager to taste all of you, to slip your hardness in my mouth, tease you with my tongue.

Laughing at my attempts to push the sheet from between us, you lifted yourself off of me, and with one hand, pulled it from my body and rolling on your back and brought me to lie on top of you. You reached up, taking my face in your hands, and brought my lips to yours, kissing me softly, pulling me into your desire, as your hands roamed across my back, and traveled its length.

Your kisses left me breathless, my body flamed by your touch, and I pulled away from your kiss and inched myself down, sprinkling gentle kisses across your shoulders, your chest and finding a nipple, I flicked my tongue across it, enjoying the feel of it as it grows taunt. My hands explored every inch of your chest, as my tongue delighted in tasting first one nipple, then the next. I smiled to myself as soft moans escaped your lips, felt myself getting wetter, excited by your pleasure.

I slid slowly down your body, rubbing my body against you and reached my pleasure and took your cock in my hand, running my fingers up and down its length, feeling the softness of the skin, pulled taunt over your hardness. I dropped my head between your thighs and ran my tongue over the firm muscles of your inner legs, as I took control of you cock and balls with my hands, gently stroking. Hearing your sighs of pleasure, feeling your body move with my touch and I could no longer wait to taste you. Moving between your legs, I glanced up at you and smiled, then brought the tip of my tongue and ran it along the head of your cock, barely touching it, tasting you. You gasped, intertwining your fingers through my hair, urging me to take you in my mouth as I teased you.

My lips parted, and I took you into my mouth, sucking gently, running my tongue around you, until together we found a rhythm. I continued running a hand along your inner thighs, then reached your balls again and massage them. You thrust deeper in my mouth, your passion building.

Moaning, you reached down and pulled me from my place nestled between your thighs, kissing me, I knew you could taste yourself on my lips. I pressed tightly against you, wanting to feel you inside of me, taking me, possessing me. I whispered my need against your mouth. Begging you to fill me with your hardness.

"Not yet," you whispered back, as you rolled me on my back and your tongue began playing down my body. My legs parted, and I arched towards you, anxious for your touch, your breath hot upon my skin. Running your fingers around my shaved pussy, I pushed up to your hand, and your thumb found my clit, and began to circle it, lightly, slowly increasing your pressure and you slipped first one, then two and finally three fingers into my already dripping hole. You moved your fingers in and out several times, your thumb never leaving my clit, and then you dropped your mouth to drink of my nectar.

You tongue caresses my clit, circling it, as you suck and nibble, and you continue thrusting your fingers in and out, finding my g-spot and taking great delight as I responded to your play, thrusting my pussy at you. I felt the delicious tingling start taking hold of me and you continued until you brought me to an explosive climax with your mouth and fingers, licking, sucking and thrusting.

Just as my orgasm began to ebb, you pulled yourself from between my legs, licking a finger and bring your other fingers dripping with my juices to my mouth and I licked and sucked your fingers, enjoying the taste of the wetness you coaxed from my pussy. Positioning yourself over me, you bent to kiss me, and I lifted my hips to meet your cock, and you slid your throbbing rod into me, my fingers clawed across your back, a lust for you consuming me.

My hips knowingly worked towards you, and I felt you fill me, thick and hard, my pussy drenched, squeezing around you. "Mmm, you feel so good in me." I whispered to you."

"You're so wet. so tight. I want to cum in you, then taste us together," you whispered back.

As you thrust against me, driving deep inside, I reached to take your balls in my hand, squeezing them tenderly, rubbing and massaging them, almost worshiping them as I watched the passion burn in your eyes. My play sent you deeper and harder into me, your body trembling and I felt your need for release building, and you took a nipple between your teeth biting gently, pulling and sucking until my body flashes with uncontrollable sparks as you take me over the edge and shoot your cum deep inside of me, climaxing together.

You collapsed on top of me, our breathing ragged, our bodies soaked in sweat, the smell of our union drifting to me, intoxicating me. Smiling as you lift your head from my breast, you told me it was time for dessert; you licked the sweat from me, and then buried your head between my legs to feast on the sweetness of us.