Monday, September 28, 2009

I Have A New DVD Series To Share - "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited!"

Hello Sexy Friends!

This is the 1st DVD in my HOT New DVD Series that I've launched - "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited!"

These DVDs Are All Amateur All The Time!!! They're straight from the video camera to you, with No Editing Of The HOT XXX Action! I'll place a title and a few HOT pics at the beginning of every video on the DVD just so you will know which one of my HOT videos you're watching. But other than that it will be "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited!" footage of my Sexcapades just the way it happened - complete with the behind-the-scenes conversations, jokes, laughing, teasing and everything else that happened that isn't usually included in my typical videos. I've had a TON of requests for this type of DVD, and, as always, I'm ALWAYS VERY WILLING to do whatever it takes to make my Freaky, Sexxxy Fans happy!!!

This "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited" footage is from a very hot night with my special military friend, Darkness. He is very well endowed with a Huge Thick Big Black Pole, and a sexy-ass smile that just made me melt. It was the perfect combination to light my fire, and it gave me tremendous pleasure to work my oral skills to give him the BBC Blowjob Of A Lifetime!

I was in my glory giving this man an incredible blowjob. The biggest turn on for me was deep throating his Big Black Cock over and over as my Married White Pussy squirted spontaneously down my legs, and all over the floor again and again!!! I enjoyed licking the shaft of his manhood while I was down on my knees and looking deep into his eyes as I sucked and milked his Big Black Balls working my Special Kay magic. I pounded that dick deep into my mouth like a wild animal in heat! It was a very heated encounter in which time escaped me. You can see by how big my nipples got that I was literally in heat, and my rock hard bullets nipples were an extension of my throbbing aching pussy. What happened next surprised even Gee and I.

This sexy man had me soooo turned on as he licked my Married White Pussy that I thought I was going to just explode in a ball of flames! The freak in me came out, and before I knew it I found myself taking his heavy chained necklace and stuffed the entire thing all the way up inside my dripping wet pussy. This blew my hubby Gee away, and he jumped in and starting fucking me as he told Darkness to fuck my throat. They worked me over good while getting an up close view of what the other was doing to me. Gee then began to slowly remove the chain from my fucked, wet pussy while he whipped my pussy lips with it. And I was getting face fucked at the same time! Gee then spread my legs wide for one more good hard fuck as he slammed his dick in me over and over again.

The naughty slut in me was now in Total Freak Mode as I went over the back of the couch, and I got fucked upside down. Bet you've NEVER seen THAT before?! Cum watch Darkness turn into Spiderman as he literally climbs the wall to fuck me!!! He was literally climbing the wall behind the couch as he fucked me like I had never been fucked before. There is some very up close hot action where you can look deep inside my Wet Married White Hole that has been stretched wide by that Huge Hung Black Dick! He fucked me deep and hard for a good long time while I was upside down. Then I just had to squat on his dick so my pussy juices would drip down all over his cock and legs. This will surely be one of the HOTTEST Raw & Unedited DVD footage you will ever see!!!

Cum meet the real Hotwife Kay and my husband Gee and you will understand why we do this, and get off on sharing it with you, our friends.

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Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay