Saturday, October 3, 2009

Memories Of Outdoor Sex In A Jacuzzi

Hello My Sexy Friends!

Last night I surprised my hubby with a hotel room that had a Jacuzzi, a full bar and a king size bed. My plan was to get him to our private room for an over night get away so I could have my way with him. Actually I wanted to rape him, but when you think about it, you can’t really rape the willing…lol! He was totally blown away with my surprise and we shared a hot night of sweaty sex going back and forth between the Jacuzzi and the king size bed. I lost count how many times I came and squirted. Over the course of the night and this morning I made Gee cum three times. We both get so much pleasure from our swinger lifestyle, but we also enjoy the times when it’s just the two of us and we can share our own private moments of pleasure. Based on the events of last night I was thinking back to the early years with Gee and I recall a story that sticks out in my mind that I would love to share with you. These are the moments that I know Gee saw the freak in me early on and he decided that it would be worth being patient and allowing me to evolve sexually at my own pace. I am certain that he is pleased with how he went about things considering now that he is married to a “Hotwife” and his total sexual fantasy.

We had been out of college almost a year and we were renting a condo near Killington Ski area in Vermont. The complex had an outdoor Jacuzzi that we shared with other renters. It was February and very cold outside. This made enjoying the outdoor Jacuzzi a lot of fun with the warm water and cool air.

We didn’t come across many other renters enjoying the Jacuzzi as much as we did, so it was almost like our own private playground. One evening we decided to go for a dip and bring along a bottle of wine. Gee was not really into wine much, so I drank most of the large bottle myself. As you can imagine I got a really good buzz and that gave me courage. That combination, along with being horny was a great mix for me getting wild. I decided to put on a show for Gee. I got out of the water and stood in front of him and did a slow strip tease taking off my bikini. My nipples got so hard they were like bullets sticking out. I played with them pulling on them hard and pinching them. I started flicking them and this drove me even wilder. I spread my legs apart and started fingering myself. First with one finger, than two until I had all five fingers going in and out of my pussy fucking it like a big cock would. At the time I had never heard of fisting, but that was pretty much what I was doing to myself. The look on Gee’s face was incredible. I can still remember it clear as day. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing me do to myself.

It wasn’t long after that, that I bent over with my ass facing Gee and spread my pussy lips telling him that I wanted him to put his cock in my pussy and fuck me hard and fast. I knew it was going to be a good fuck looking at his rock hard cock bulging through his shorts. I wanted his cock deep inside my wet pussy right then and there. I got back into the water and while standing on the step I bent over so Gee could get to my pussy. He took his shorts off so we were both naked and he fucked me good and hard using my hips as handles as he pulled me into his cock again and again for quite a while. During this time I made a lot of noise screaming and begging him not to stop fucking me. I was so lost in the pleasure I gave no thought to anyone coming along seeing us go at it. Gee was feeling so good that I started grunting really loud as I had one orgasm after another. It was long after that, that we heard voices off in the distance and saw three guys standing there watching us in action. For just a moment I felt embarrassed when I realized people had been watching us, but that quickly went away when they started clapping and letting out cheers like men do watching a stripper take her clothes off. I realized for just a split second in that moment that I kind of liked the idea of being watched. That feeling was quickly replaced by incredible embarrassment. I think Gee was quite proud of our performance as he yelled out his own cheer back in “man language”…lol!

All of a sudden I felt the need to leave, so I grabbed my towel and started walking quickly back to our condo with Gee following behind me. As I entered the building I saw out of the corner my eye those guys get into a car and drive off. When I woke up the next morning I was very embarrassed and kept telling Gee that I couldn’t believe that we got caught and were being watched. He said he thought it was pretty cool and kept saying how good I had been. For a while I had mixed feelings of being embarrassed with a little feeling of excitement too. I think that was another sign for Gee at the time that greater things were to cum.

We talked about this story again when we first started swinging and he told me something he had kept to himself all those years. He said that he had seen those guys show up in the distance just about the time I started my strip tease. He knew they were watching, but he was not about to say anything to stop me. He said that the whole thing just added to his excitement of the experience.

Fast-forward to today and I would find that experience to be really hot. I love the idea of being watched and I love to perform for others including my sexy husband. I’ll share one of my fantasies with you; I would love to perform live for a group of sexy fans while I am having a wild hot gangbang and it’s being filmed at the same time too. It is just one of many experiences I have yet to do. I hope you will be around to see me in action live, or at least watch the hot footage. I really want to make you cum while you watch me cum. Yeah Baby!!


Hotwife Kay