Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hotwife Kay Does The Brooklyn Brothas - Part 1 Raw & Unedited

Hello Sexy Friends!

This is the 2nd DVD in my HOT New DVD Series that I've launched - "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited!"

These DVDs Are All Amateur All The Time!!! They're straight from the video camera to you, with No Editing Of The HOT XXX Action! I'll place a title and a few HOT pics at the beginning of every video on the DVD just so you will know which one of my HOT videos you're watching. But other than that it will be "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited!" footage of my Sexcapades just the way it happened - complete with the behind-the-scenes conversations, jokes, squirrelly camera angles, laughing, teasing and everything else that happened that isn't usually included in my typical videos. I've had a TON of requests for this type of DVD, and, as always, I'm ALWAYS VERY WILLING to do whatever it takes to make my Freaky, Sexxxy Fans happy!!!

In this amazing GangBang "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited!" video I went to New York City to take on 4 Sexy Brothas from Brooklyn! This was My 3rd BBC GangBang, and it was my biggest GangBang yet. And it was HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT!!! I had Big Black Cocks coming in and out of all 3 of my holes, all the time! I gave every man the BEST Deep Throat Cock Sucking that they ever had, they all took turns passing my Married White Pussy around to pound me like their own personal fuck toy, and they then they started in on my Tight White Asshole! They ALL fucked it to the point that it was as wide open as a canyon! Then they REALLY started have fun with me. They had me in ever position DPing me, Triple Penetrating me, reverse cowgirl - you name it and they did it to me. And when they started to cum on my face and in my mouth it was something that you just HAVE TO SEE! I know my hubby loved watching his Hot Little Married White Slutwife getting a huge Cum Bath from all 4 of those Big Black Dicks! Cum watch what really happened!

If you like to hear me scream, moan, beg and talk real dirty while having hot sex, you are going to love watching me get it "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited!" style! Just hearing and watching me in this video will leave you wrecked! And if you're a true fan of Reality Porn, then these videos are EXACTLY what you NEED TO SEE! The have all the behind the scenes footage, personal conversations, screwy camera angles, funny outtakes, teasing, joking, and all the other things you don't usually see in videos that have been edited and polished. But that you WANT TO SEE because they are exactly what you need to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are a 100% True Amateur Married Couple who do outrageous Real Porn because it's so much fun! And it also proves to you that we ARE NOT those corporate scripted "amateurs" from the major studios that that are pretending to be "Mr. & Mrs. Thompson" in one video, then show up as "Mr. & Mrs. Blake" in the next one, and on and on it goes. About as "real" as The Wizard Of Oz! We're the Real Deal! And once you watch any of our videos, especially our "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited!" series, you'll be hooked! My hubby and I are!

This DVD is Part 1 in a 2 part series. Part 2 is the second half of this All Night Fuck Fest - cum see how it ends! Keep an eye out for it!

This DVD is another "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited!" version of my HOT Sexcapades. Cum meet the real Hotwife Kay and my husband Gee and you will understand why we do this, and get off on sharing it with you, our friends.

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Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay