Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Had Some Wicked Hot Sex The Other Night And I'm Still Sore..I Love It!!

Hello Naughty Friends,

I recently I got a call from one of my favorite Boy Toys, Silk. He was in town and wanted to know if Gee & I had any plans for the evening. Well, as a matter of fact we didn't; which is rare because it seems like I ALWAYS have something going on. But his timing was perrrrrrrrrrrfect! So we met up with him at a local "no tell, motel" and spent the next few hours having a blast! When we get together with Silk it usually is loooooooooong, all night, Fuck And Suck Fest. But Gee and I had things we had to do the next day, and so did Silk. So even though we couldn't stay out all night, we did have a few hours of outrageous, Hot, Sweaty, BBC Sucking and Fuckin' Sex!

I will have lots of hot footage to share with you soon from this wild night. In the meantime I thought I'd share a short clip with you. This clips is titled "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited! Milking BBC!" for a reason! It's the first clip from this really HOT, fun night. But it's the CLIMAX session where, after fucking and sucking for a few hours, I go down on my Boy Toy one last time, Deep-Throating him again, and again until he feeds me his beautiful Big Black Cock and explodes all over my face and in my mouth! He tasted so good I swallowed most of his BBC cum right away. But I did save some for my fans to see dripping out of my mouth and down my chin.

If you like to hear me scream, moan, beg and talk real dirty while having hot sex, you are going to love watching me get it "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited!" style! Just hearing and watching me in this video will leave you wrecked! And if you're a true fan of Reality Porn, then these videos are EXACTLY what you NEED TO SEE! The have all the behind the scenes footage, personal conversations, screwy camera angles, funny outtakes, teasing, joking, and all the other things you don't usually see in videos that have been edited and polished. But that you WANT TO SEE because they are exactly what you need to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are a 100% True Amature Married Couple who do outrageous Real Porn because it's so much fun! And once you watch any of our videos, especially our "Hotwife Kay Raw, And Unedited!" series, you'll be hooked! My hubby and I are!

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Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay