Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Love Football And I Am A Huge STEELERS Fan

Hello Sexy Friends!

I wanted to take a minute an share something about myself on a personal level. I am crazy about professional football and my team are the STEELERS. I have my hubby to thank for getting me interested in football. And yes he is a STEELERS fan too and has been since he was a little boy. Once I started watching football with him and learning the ins and outs of the game it was easy to see why he has continued to follow this team for years. His orginal reason for picking this team as a boy was because of their cool!

I think based on the fact the STEELERS are the reining 6 time Super Bowl Champs we are both following a winning team. I have a few of my own personal favorite players that I enjoy following for different reasons. I absolutely love to watch #43 Troy Polamalu our Strong Safety play. I have nicnamed him the human bowling ball. If you've ever watched him play you know what I mean. The man literally throws himself at whomever he is trying to block and or stop, and its usually quite Unfortunately he was injured during the second game of the season and he is still recovering. Based on how the guys played without him the next two games it was obvious to see his value to the team. Of course our Field Goal Kicker #3 Jeff Reid didn't help us either when we needed him the most. I forgave him though, since he did redeem himself in game 5 and I am a true fan of the entire team.

I love to watch #86 Hines Ward our happy Wide Receiver simply because he is good at what he does and he always has a smile on his face. This guy smiles whether he has a reason too or not. I also enjoy #39 Willie Parker, aka Fast Willie one of our Running Backs. He is small, but he moves like lightening and ususally gets the job done. Then there is #10, Santonio Holmes who is a very sexy Wide Receiver I might add. His position on the team is a very important one and he does it well. I also consider this man serious eye candy and would love the chance to fuck the shit out of him. I believe in giving back to my! Actually I'd love to give several of them some personal attention if given the opportunity. I consider myself an equal opportunity deep throat sucker and pussy squrting good time fucker too!

Next Sundays game against the Cleveland Browns at home should be a no brainer win for the STEELERS. I always look forward to watching my boys play in those tight pants of theirs. I always get a very warm sensation in all the right places that ususally means pleasure for me when the game is over whether its with Gee, some of my boy toys, or myself. It's all good regardless of where, or who it's cumming I hope you will think of me the next time my team plays and everytime after that because you will know during that time what I am up too. I am either at home or in a bar with Gee drinking some beers and cheering on my boys!!

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay