Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Was Very Naughty Today And Flashed A Stranger

Hello Sexy Friends!

I wanted to tell you about something very naughty that I did today. I woke up this morning is a very horny mood. It was probably because Gee fucked the shit out of me and made me squirt like a fountain before we went to sleep. It was such a pleasurable surprise because we were in bed with the lights out and I was just about to drift off when he just went right into action doing all the things that make me wet and turn me on. Of course I would never pass up an opportunity to have sex, whether its five minutes or five hours. I am always game..lol! I dreamt all night long I was having hot sex with Gee and other men; the orgasms were so incredibly intense that it felt so real. When I woke up I was all sweaty and I was horny and my pussy was wet.

Once I got out of bed I made myself a cup of coffee and went to the bathroom to use my vibrator. After several orgasms I felt sexually satisfied and went about my day. I started working on making another video from a recent play date with my sexy friend I nicknamed Silk. This just got me horny again and I was feeling very sexy. Once I finished the video Gee asked me if I could go to the grocery store and pick up a few things. That's when this very naughty idea popped into my head. I decided that I would wear one of my dresses that zip up in the front without my panties or my bra on and I would find some deserving guy at the store and flash him. I was excited, but a little nervous too about how it would play out and if flashing some random stranger would be well received, or I might get in trouble. After about 30 seconds of contemplating what to do I decided it was a risk I was willing to take. Yes I am a slutty Hotwife for sure.

Part of the fun of all this was that I decided I wasn’t going to tell Gee about my idea until after the fact. I thought it would be fun to share the experience with him after I had already done it. I also knew he would find it really hot and it would make for some great whack off material for him. I like to give gifts that keep on giving. This was definitely one of those gifts.

So off to the grocery store I went. Once I got there I decided to tweet what I was about to go do for all my tweeter fans. Then I went into the store and started walking up and down the isles looking for the right guy to flash. As luck would have it I spotted a gentleman who looked like he was in his mid 60s in the frozen food isle. I pretended to be looking for frozen vegetables while I sized him up to determine if he was worthy of being flashed. He made eye contact with me and smiled. That was all I needed. I took a deep breath, looked around to make sure we were the only ones in the isle and then I unzipped my dressed and opened it up and turned in his direction. We made eye contact one more time and then I smiled. The look on his face was priceless. He looked me up and down like a yo-yo taking in every inch of nakedness he was looking at. I actually think for that brief moment he stopped breathing. I blew him a kiss then closed my dress and quickly walked away. My heart was racing and my face felt flush. I was definitely excited and turned on by what I had just done; but I was also thinking that until I was back in my car and driving away I couldn’t be sure it really was a good idea. I didn’t even stop to zip up my dress until I was back in my car. Once there I zipped up and then looked around quickly and preceded to drive away. As I’m driving down the road I felt a sexual rush come over me that was really intense. I found the whole thing very exciting and I realized that my pussy was wet and tingling. I also realized that I had pulled it off, but I still needed to pick up the groceries that I had originally gone out to get. I decided to go to a different grocery store to pick up what I needed. I also took the time to tweet for my fans what had just happened. Once I got home I told Gee what I had done and he was blown away. Of course he got an immediate hard on and wanted to hear all the details of what I had done. He even had me reenacts the whole scene for him too. After I told him all the juicy details I gave him a kick ass blowjob to relieve the pressure he was experiencing in his pants.

Looking back on the whole thing I even amaze myself that I did that. I have to admit that being sexually aroused has a huge impact on what I am capable of doing on a sexual level. My sexual evolution is a very exciting adventure that is far from over. Look out friends I might be coming to a grocery store, or some other place near you so I can flash and share my goodies with you.

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay