Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Freaky Night With Silk - Part One

Hello Sexy Friends!

This is Part One of a series from My Freaky Night With Silk. I've already shared a short clip of him in my Raw & Unedited collection, but this is how the hot night began. I will be sharing each part separately for you so you can see how the night unfolded. I have to tell you it was one of the very best evenings I have spent with this sexy man to date. We've placed several times one-on-one, and also with my sexy husband and with a couple different boy toys of mine. Silk is a real sweetheart that can fuck like a machine. He is the only man I have met to date that can fuck as long as I can. He is the "Squirt Master" and knows just how to make a woman....I mean any woman squirt like a fountain. The very first time I played with him we went at it for about seven hours. During the course of the night he made me squirt 35 separate times and I had 65 orgasms I shit you not! I can say this because the day after we played Gee and I watched all the footage he captured and we counted all my squirting and orgasms. That first night I played with Silk was a really a life changing experience for Gee and I. We realized how much fun we were going to have on this journey and that there were lots of hot sexual experiences ahead of us. That was almost four years ago and we haven't looked back since.

My Freaky Night With Silk that I am starting to share now was a night of endless pleasures that included everything from squirting, cock squatting, lots of cock sucking and spitting, deep fucking both my pussy and my ass. I do some HOT ANAL my Freaky Friends! I talk dirty to Silk in between screaming and moaning with ecstasy as he pounds my holes again and again and again for hours and hours. You're going to love the up close shots of penetration and the facial expressions captured from the multiple cameras used throughout the night. Be sure not to miss any in this series because I'm going to make you cum again and again.

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Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay