Friday, November 6, 2009

My Freaky Night With Silk Part Four

Hello Sexy Friends!

In Part Four I’m wearing pink and I’ve got rubber bands around my rock hard nipples. As I lay in my own pussy juices on the couch Silk continued fucking me with pleasure. While on my back with my legs spread Silk lay over the top of me and worked his magic on me. He did that special grinding motion and fucked me making me moan and whimper with ecstasy. Our sexual chemistry was explosive and we both got off on watching his big black dick disappear repeatedly as it went in and out of my pussy making my orgasms cum in waves.

I was so turned on that I pulled my legs up and was holding onto the heels of my shoes for leverage as I got the shit fucked out of my married white very wet pussy. I started licking the muscles along Silks arm as he had me under his sexual spell. Gee sat down on the couch and I put my head in his lap so he could watch Silk pleasure up close. He started stroking his own cock when Silk climbed off me and used his fingers to spread my pussy lips open to look deep inside me. Then he proceeded to make me squirt like a fountain spraying my juices all over the three of us. It was so hot and when Silk stopped Gee bent down and started kissing me. You can see when they help me up from the couch the new wet spot I created right next to the one I laid down in. This night was hot and it wasn’t over yet!

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Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay