Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What A Wild Halloween Night I Had!

Happy Belated Halloween My Sexy Friends!

I had quite the hot Halloween night that I was all excited to tell you about. I’m a little late in sharing the evening because the next day I ended up getting really sick. I finally had to break down and go to the doctor’s for antibiotics to kick the bad cold I caught. I guess that’s what I get for being a very naughty!

Halloween Night Gee and I went to a Swingers Halloween Party for some fun. Our good friends Robin and Bob from hosted this gathering at one of our favorite hangouts. We didn’t put a lot of thought into our costumes this year because neither of us had been feeling well and we weren’t sure we were even going to go out. So with our last minute plans to get out for a night and possibly get naughty we both went as Steelers Fans. To describe my attire I was wearing a black thong and a black half bra under some tight black leggings with some sexy lace cuffs and a Steelers top that zips up the front, but wasn’t zipped up by much. I wore sexy black heels with cuffs around the ankles. In my show of support for my team I was even wearing Steelers earrings.

What a hot Halloween party it was we attended. There were some very creative costumes and quite a few sexy women in the room. My favorite male costume was a guy who came dressed as a Dick complete with cum coming from the head of the dick. My favorite female costume was this sexy woman who came dressed as a nurse. To be honest it had more to do with the hottie wearing the costume, than the costume itself. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was really turned on by the women in the bar. Don’t get me wrong though I love men and they come first second and third when it comes to sexy ass men I would never give up an opportunity to get fucked. I just found myself wanting to make out with a woman and lick some pussy.

As it turns out I did get it on with a sexy woman, but first I got really naughty in public in the bar with a sexy older gentleman. This Frank Sinatra type was actually 67 years old. It started with us making out on the dance floor and led to me lying down on the floor and spreading my legs so he could lick my pussy. God he licked it so good and then he started fingering me and the damn broke loose. I squirted a huge puddle onto the carpet and all over the two of us. He had me screaming with pleasures while others were on the dance floor literally only a few feet away. What a hot experience it was to do my exhibitionist thing.

After this hot encounter a couple we’ve played with before came into the bar towards the end of the night and that change the course of the remaining of the night. We invited our couple friends back to our play and the wife and I were all over each other. We had some wicked hot sex that included making out, fingering each other and making each other squirt repeated while our guys watched us in action. The guys actually stepped in at one point and they both fucked the shit out of us for a while. You should have heard us ladies screaming and moaning together. Then it was back to us girls making out again. At one point I was making out with her while I made her squirt and this pushed her over the edge. She sat right up and TOLD me to lie down on the bed and spread my legs for her. She started kissing and licking my pussy and I started squirting like a river. The more she licked my pussy, the more I squirted and she was drinking up all my juices as my pussy sprayed all over her face and down her throat. This actually made her squirt too while this was happening. Our guys both jerked off to the scene and basically we were all cumming together at the same time. What a wide hot sexual group experience we all shared. We couldn’t believe when it was all over because it was actually 8:00am in the morning. We were all pretty tired after our all night fuck fest, so Gee and I went to bed and our friends slept in our guest room. Later that evening we all shared some coffee and reminisced about our hot night before they headed home.

Gee and I spent more time talking about our wild night which got us all excited so of course we had to fuck and then we snuggled on the couch and watched movies. The next morning I woke up and discovered that I was officially sick and Gee wasn’t far behind me. I sure hope we didn’t get our fuck buddies sick. It was a Halloween to remember though. One of the things we discussed doing during the night with our friends was to plan an orgy and have both us ladies invite our sexy black playmates to join us. I’ll keep you posted on when this hot night happens.

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay