Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What An Incredible Dream I Woke Up Having Today

Good Afternoon Sexy Friends!

I just had to write and tell you about the most wild dream I had last night, or I should say the most wild dream I woke up to this morning. It was one of those dreams that you have that feels so real that your body and mind are actually reacting as if it actually happened. Let me just start by saying that the very first thought that popped into my head as I was waking up, was man I could use a cigarette…lol! Now keep in mind that I am not a smoker, but sometimes when a sexual experience has been so good it’s a mind craving I guess to complete the act. For you smokers out there it’s that cigarette you want after you’ve had a very satisfying meal.

It was so funny for both Gee and myself to experience me waking up together like this. He was working from home today, which means sitting up in bed with laptop in hand and had been listening to me for quite sometime while I was asleep and having this crazy dream. My first words to him as I opened my eyes were WOW that was incredible and boy could I use a cigarette! This was probably one of the most, if not the most intense dream I have ever experienced. It felt so incredibly real and my pussy throbbing, as well as the panting to my breath made me think in my mind like it really happened. My entire body was tingling with intense sexual pleasure. My body had been lying there asleep in bed, but let me tell you my mind went somewhere else and what an awesome sexual experience it had. To actually wake up panting and reacting as if I had just had an orgasm and squirted was mind blowing to say the least. What a cool way to wake up and start my day.

My entire dream involved Gee fingering my pussy and making me squirt repeatedly all down the inside of both my legs. Let me describe the scene in a little more detail for you so you can experience the dream with me. I’m not real clear on exactly where we were, other than it was outside during the day and I was leaning up against a wooden rail fence with my legs spread while Gee worked his magic. I was wearing a very short mini skirt and low cut top without a bra and I was wearing some very sexy open toe black high heel shoes. My toes and fingernails where painted bright red to match the red in the pattern of my sexy mini skirt. I was not wearing any panties and enjoying the cool breeze between my legs and the freedom, or I should say access it gave to my very wet and excited pussy. I can remember the feeling of anticipation before Gee actually slid his two wet fingers up inside me. That always takes my breath away because it’s an incredible feeling that I know is coming and my body begins to react to it before it actually occurs. This happened in my dream just as it does for real when I’m wide-awake and activity participating in the sexual act. In my dream Gee kept fingering me and making me orgasm and squirt. He would let me catch my breath and then finger me again. My pussy got so swollen from being excited and stimulated repeatedly for quite some time. I remember grabbing onto Gee’s arm at one point when my legs started to shake uncontrollably. He turned me into a pile of mush. I was actually in the middle of an incredible orgasm when I woke myself up moaning…lol!

I feel very blessed because squirting is not something that came naturally to me. By that I mean first I read about it, then I had Gee read about it and together we practiced trying to make it happen until one day it finally did. For me it had a lot to do with feeling loved and safe. Gee has always been a very patient lover and he has taken me to places sexually that I never knew existed, including the pleasures of squirting. This wasn’t until I was in my early 40s and we had been married for about fifteen years already. Let me tell you that it was a life changing experience for me from a sexual perspective. The amount and intensity of my squirting has increased with time. It is not just my pussy squirting warm wet juices from my body, but rather it’s an entire body orgasm that involves all of my senses. This is why I am so blown away by the intensity of my dream this morning. Everything about squirting and how it affects my body occurred in my dream like it was really happening. Every nerve ending in my body was in the “on” position the moment I woke up, including the moans and actual sounds I make while experiencing this kind of pleasure.

Gee was laughing at me when I woke up and I told him everything that had just happened to me in my dream. His laugh was not in a Ha Ha kind of way, but rather in a Holy Crap kind of way because he recognized the sounds I was making while I was asleep and unbeknownst to him until after the fact, he got a front row seat to the audio version of the dream I was having.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my wild dream. I actually went to the nail salon earlier today and had my toes and fingernails painted bright red so that I have a little reminder of the wild experience I had in dreamland this morning. I’m having a great day and I hope you are too!


Hotwife Kay