Thursday, January 28, 2010

Busy Building A Bigger Naughty World To Play In

Hello Sexy Friends!

I am very excited with 2 new URLs my hubby purchased recently as part of my amateur hotwife adventures. We are now the proud owners of and We are going to be building a new site devoted entirely to the hotwife lifestyle. You know guys, married women fucking other men in front of their husbands! In the world I live in I get to fuck other men and it really turns my husband on. We both really get off on him filming my very hot sexcapades so we can share them with you. I love being a married MLIF getting off on having mind blowing sex with other men and women too. My biggest fantasy is to be your fantasy. I don’t want to fuck to just fuck, I want to fuck to blow your mind and my husband‘s mind too. I’m a classy lady, but I am also a really naughty slut too. I’m working on perfecting my craft of being the classiest Hotwife slut you’ll ever meet.

Our journey began a few short years ago when we started swinging, but 2009 was the year that Hotwife Kay was born. During this last year I discovered that being an amateur hotwife is what I’ve been moving towards my whole adult life. Thanks to my incredible loving and perverted husband Gee I am living out his fantasy of being his amateur porn star wife. We came upon this hotwife lifestyle and realized it was a perfect match for us. We hope that our stories and adventures as we go forward will give you a front row seat to our personal journey in this wildly sex filled world we live in. It is also our intension to provide an avenue for other couples in this lifestyle to be able to share their stories and adventures as well. In this world my sexy friends we get to have our cake and eat it too!

It is going to take some time to start building our new site, but I’ll keep you posted with the progress. Gee has been hard at work behind the scenes making connections with couples all over the globe that we hope will join us on our site. That takes time to make happen, but things are underway. He has also been making other contacts in the porn industry because he wants me to fuck some established porn stars. I find that idea a huge turn on too and I do have a couple sexy hung brothers in mind. I also a sexy white female with an awesome set of titties that I’ve got my eye on too. I’ll wait to tell you who there are until plans are definitely made, but as for who the hung BBCs are, you just might be able to guess. Stay turned on how that plays out. 2010 is going to be a good year I can tell you that much at this point.

While all this is going on I will continue to fuck and blog and share my slutty adventures with you. I’ve got some great sex lined over the next few weeks. One of our very good friends just got back from a year in Afghanistan. I have to keep his identity private, but I will say that he was responsible for the security detail of a high ranking official. I am so excited that he made it back home safely and I can’t wait to get my hands and lips on that beautiful dick of his. I also have another special friend that is going to help me celebrate Gee’s birthday which is coming up in early February. We are going to do dinner and then go back to his place so I can fuck the shit out of him. I plan to completely scramble his brains as my way of saying thank you for some tickets he is giving us to see Eric Clapton for free at Madison Square Garden. My special friend has some connections there and is getting us in for free. I have to tell you that the idea of me fucking my friend and getting tickets to a concert is a huge turn on for Gee. He loves the idea of me fucking for favors. I guess you could consider him pimping me out. At least that was how he liked to think of it…lol! I will be sure to take pictures and get some footage to share from my friend fucking adventures.

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay