Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day...:-)

Happy Valentine’s Day Sexy Friends!

I enjoyed a wonderful day with my hubby. He started my day by rubbing his naked body up against my naked body. It wasn’t long after that, that he was fucking me. He had me screaming with pleasure and squirting before my eyes were really open. What a great way to start my day. We had a few business related items to tend to, but after that we just enjoyed our day together. He took me out for dinner tonight to one of our favorite upscale restaurants in town. We shared a lovely romantic dinner together. It was really nice because we purposely waited until almost closing so that we would have the restaurant all to ourselves, and indeed we did. The owner/chef Jimmy came out to our table to say hi. After a little chit chat he left only to come right back with this outrageous dessert on the house for us. It was some kind of chocolate mousse cake that was simply to die for. Probably had a billion calories and worth every single one of them…lol!

I have to say the last 24 hours have been a lot of fun. Last night Gee and I went out with one of his friends for some beers and we had a great time. The bar we went to had a great band playing. I took turns dancing with both the guys all night and really enjoyed being out with both of them. I love it when Gee and I go out with another sexy guy. To me it’s double the fun and pleasure. When the bar closed we went back to our house and had a couple more beers and then proceeded to have a hot 3some. I had the guys taking turns fucking me while I sucked the other one’s cock. I had multiple orgasms and squirted all over the place. I’m just glad the carpet in our family room is a very dark brown making it hard to notice the huge wet spot I created. All three of us ended up with rug burns too from the carpet. I got a rug burn on my back and both the guys both them on their knees. It was well worth it though and at the time none of us cared. We were all having fun and the sex was awesome so there was no pain at the time. I sure did feel it though today when I got in the shower.

I hope that you had a great weekend too and had your own opportunity to get laid. I’ve got a busy week ahead of me with some plans mixed in there to play with one of my favorite BBCs. Right now the plan is for me to go to my friends house on Tuesday for some one-on-one sex. We have played several times, but never alone together. This is one of my hubby’s fantasies for me to have sex with another man of my choosing and then I come home and tell him all about it afterwards. Of course after I tell him how good I got fucked he is going to fuck me too. I’m going to rest up for Tuesday because I’ve got a good time waiting for me.


Hotwife Kay