Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hotwife Kay Raw & Unedited Strikes Again!

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Hello Sexy Friends!

I have another hot Raw & Unedited video to share with you. This is part 2 and the footage is a continuation of my hot night of freaky sex with my hot boy toy Silk. This one is called "Hotwife Kay Raw & Unedited My Freaky Night With Silk Part 2". It contains lots of hot sex captured from two different camera angles and is completely unedited. I changed into my hot pink sexy outfit with matching heels to keep the guys excited and horny for me. And I put some tight rubber bands on my big fat nipples, which made them purple and rock hard. I gave Silk a world-class sloppy blowjob. And it was so hot for my hubby Gee to hold my head so Silk could face fuck me. I lost it when Gee grabbed me by my ponytail. These guys were in complete control of me and I loved being taken for they sexual pleasures. I just love being a fantasy slut for hot sexy men that want me. Then it came time for Silk to start grinding my very wet pussy and had me whimpering and screaming with immense pleasure. I squirted a lot and the big wet spots I created on the couch tell it all. I had so many orgasms I lost count. You’ll have to own this whole series if you want to count how many times I squirted and came.

My heels came in handy again for leverage for me while Silk pounded the out of my pussy. It was so hot for us both to watch his huge dick slide in and out of my very wet hole. Then he started kissing me and the sparks were flying. I love to be kissed and fucked at the same time. If my pussy could create smoke it would have filled the room…lol! Then I got to suck on Gee’s cock while Silk fingered my pussy and made me squirt. Then Silk had me bend over the couch and he grabbed my arms from behind and lifted me up towards him pulling my pussy onto his dick over and over again and I had a wave of orgasms cum over me. This was just some unbelievable hot fucking sex and the night wasn’t over yet.

You will have to cum back to check out Part 3 once I get it finished to see what happened next. I’ll give you a hint…Hot Anal Sex happens before the night is out. I’m really getting off on sharing my Raw & Unedited sexual experiences with you. I’d love to think I’m responsible for creating gallons and gallons of hot sticky cum. It puts a big smile on my face and makes my pussy tingle and wet.

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Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay