Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Love Being A Hotwife Whose Husband Loves To Share

Hello Sexy Friends!

The last 24 hours were simply awesome. It started with a text message from my special boyfriend world traveler Denzel. He had just landed at JFK in from LA and wanted to cum see me. Gee and I already had plans to film with another sexy friend Andy, so immediately my perverted husband thought great Kay can fuck them both and he’ll capture it on film. However, Andy was not up for sharing me, so based on Denzel’s limited free time I opted for Gee and I to spend the night with Denzel. Hopefully Andy will be a good sport and take advantage of playing another time since he lives only minutes away.

Denzel called me as soon as he got my text telling him that I definitely wanted to see him. We made plans for him to get a hotel near where we live so we could all spend the night together. He got a really nice suite, so there was plenty of space for fucking. When we first got there we all decided to go out for a couple drinks before cumming back to play. I really got off on it being quite obvious in public that I was with two men and I was their girl. I made a point of kissing and rubbing on both of the guys and I know it didn’t go unnoticed. What a turn on that was for me. I just love being a naughty slut Hotwife because it cums so naturally to me.

After a couple drinks we were all horny and ready to go back to the hotel for some fun. We weren’t in the suite five minutes before Denzel started undressing me only leaving on my pink thong so he could run his hands all over my body. I immediately got down on my knees and started sucking his cock. I’d been thinking about doing that all day. But before I knew it he had me up and bent over the kitchen sink and was fucking me with his rock hard dick. Then he had me down on the floor and fucked me even harder. My pussy got so wet and his dick felt so good deep inside me. Oh how I had missed that beautiful thick dick of his. He fucks all my holes so good. We fucked in the kitchen before we moved to the bedroom. Unbeknownst to me Gee had pulled the camera out and started filming right from the start. I didn’t realize the camera was rolling until we were in the bedroom…lol!

Once we had moved to the bedroom, Denzel had me get in the doggie style position on the bed so he could fuck my pussy from behind. He grabbed onto my hips and fucked the shit out of my pussy for a while. He used my hips to grind my wet hole and drive me wild. Then he switched holes and gave me his big fat dick all at once deep inside my ass. It was a hurt so good kind of pain that quickly subsided into shear pleasure. He worked my ass stretching it out good and wide which just made my pussy squirt. Then he did something very naughty to me. He started fucking both my holes going back and forth between my pussy and my ass again and again (I took the necessary precautions after the fact to keep everything nice and clean). While this was going on I was getting face fucked by my husband. I have to say I’m quite impressed with my hubby’s camera skills because he face fucked me and never stopped filming the entire time. Then it was time for a little break and I got cleaned up and changed into a sexy hot pink outfit.

The fucking continued for quite a while and my hubby got his turn fucking me too. I had them both face fuck me again and then they fucked my holes some more. I took a potty break and changed into another outfit. As soon as I came out of the bathroom Denzel bent me over the bathroom sink and started fucking me. He did this for a little while until Gee got down on the floor and opened up my pussy with his fingers so he could get a camera shot of my pussy up close. He started rubbing and slapping my pussy lips and it just started gushing. My pussy juices just started flowing all over the place including on the camera lens…lol! It was such a hot night of great sex. I loved sleeping in between the guys and waking up this morning with them both. My day started off great with them both fucking my pussy and they both came in me. Of course Gee fucked me after Denzel had cum in my pussy. He just loves sloppy seconds. This kind of experience is what Hotwife sharing is all about!

I’ll be sharing the footage from last night just as soon as I get it downloaded and processed.

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay