Friday, April 2, 2010

Subject Of Email Was - Taking You To Court

Hello Sexy Friends!

I just had to share an email I got today on AFF (Adult Friend Finder). I thought it was written with a lot of creativity. This guy just might get lucky based on what he wrote and how he wrote it to me. I was flattered and horny at the same time after reading it.

I cut and pasted the email below just as it was written to me.


You are hereby being summoned to court to answer numerous charges. I refuse to come to your page and have to bare witness of such intense sexiness and beauty. You are hereby being charged with the following:

Visual sexual assault for being a relentlessness piece of Eye Candy

Burglary for stealing my heart

Theft for taking my breath away

Possession of an illegal substance as your lovemaking has been known to cause men to have irrational and narcotic behavior

Unlawful use of a weapon(s) as your gorgeous smile and eyes have been known to make men do as you want them to

You are also being charged with inciting riots, causing whiplash and forcing reckless driving to innocent automotive operators.

I can take you to court on these charges or you can settle out of court for a kiss on the cheek. How do you plead?


You know guys I think I would take my chances in court and hope that I got charged with more than having to kiss him on the cheek. Maybe I should be made to fuck him senseless until he felt completely satisfied. What do you think?


Hotwife Kay