Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Makes My Porn Different And Why

Hello My Sexy Friends!

I was out on Twitter and saw a link from my page that showed me who else in the adult porn industry has been tweeting about me on Twitter.com. I must say I felt very excited by it. I’m having the time of my life. It is such a turn on for me, and my husband Gee to share my/our hot sexual adventures in the Swinger/Porn Star lifestyle we live.

I've finally realized what makes me a little different from the norm and I’d love to share it with you too. We are a real couple that swings together. It went from that into us capturing our hot sex and sharing it with other like-minded people. Doing amateur porn feels right and I have no doubt that I’ve found my calling. It started with my husband having a fantasy of wanting to share me with other men while he filmed it so we could watch it later. Once I saw the raw footage it quickly became my fantasy too. My husband unlike so many husbands of hotwives is also on film quite a bit with me. If he's not involved in the sex itself, he can be heard from behind the camera cheering the guy(s) on and or encouraging me to let go and enjoy myself. Each sexual encounter is one that we really do share together. I'm a much better lover to men and women too because I have been perfecting my craft, or better yet my passion for hot sex with my husband now for the last twenty-five years. Ten of which we've been swingers allowing me the chance to play with other women and come to the realization that I am truly bisexual with the right women. My husband taught me first hand what all men love sexually. And I really get off on blowing a man’s mind totally with the way I touch, lick, taste and fuck them. I'm quite proud of my sexual evolution, and so is my husband considering what a very shy girl I use to be. And I know that I give incredible head and love every minute of it. I get so turned on when I deep throat a man’s cock that it makes my pussy squirt automatically. It is so fucking hot to witness and to experience too. I love knowing that I can reach out and share sexual pleasure with others just by sharing my hot sexual experiences that have been captured on film. It’s the gift that keeps on giving…lol!

I'm not the type of Hotwife that does staged or scripted porn. Rather what I am all about with my husband is "Reality Porn". What you see and what you hear is what actually happened. The camera captures me as the sexual being that I am. I know that the longer I keep playing and sharing my hot videos and DVDs, the more people have become interested in seeing what I'm all about. That makes me feel really good and for that my friends I thank you. Without your interest my pleasure stays just with husband, my lovers and me in the moment. By filming my experiences I can relive them and share them with you as well. It might sound odd, but my captured sex is my legacy for others who may want to follow in my footsteps. Each of us is on our own journey in life. If having sex on film makes you happy then I say go for. If sharing that sex on film with others makes them happy, then I say share it! I love to share myself with others and make them feel good both physically and intellectually. I will keep on doing this as long as my husband Gee and I are having fun and there are people interested in seeing me do my thing.

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Hotwife Kay