Sunday, June 6, 2010

What A Weekend So Far!

Hey They’re Sexy Friends!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I spent Friday night at home working on my latest video from my 4th BBC GangBang. This one has some hot triple dp action that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. I'll have a trailer for your viewing pleasure tomorrow and it will also be available for purchase sometime after 5:00pm in my video store.

Yesterday started off great only to nose dive when Gee and I found out that PayPal closed our business account and they're holding our funds for six months before releasing it to us. Apparently the corporate “a holes” are very particular about what type of porn you can sell over the internet using them. I know we are not the only ones that got the shaft, but it burns my ass that they lead you to believe you can use their process in the adult industry, but once they determine they don’t like what your selling, they close your account and hold your money for half a year. That is total bullshit!! I felt so bad for Gee because he put in many hours setting up my DVD store on my website and he tied PayPal into as the processor only to get shut down cold. For once we were going to be able to keep the vast majority of our profits instead of sharing ridiculous amounts with the available sites where you can sell your porn. I think the plan now is going to be that we’ll use ccBill on my site. But even with them you have to pay Visa a large yearly fee to use them through ccBill. Corporate America is greedy as hell and PayPal Sucks!!!

The day did get better though. Gee and I went to the gym and did some serious cardio and weight training/toning work. That actually made us both feel a lot better. Then we stopped at the liquor store for some beer. We sat in our driveway and had a couple cold ones and then decided to go out to our favorite hole in the wall bar and hang with some good friends. We had an absolute blast. We played some darts and a bowling game while enjoying some drinks and fries. The friends we have at this bar are our vanilla friends and they have no idea about what naughty things we do, especially that I work in the adult porn industry. Even with that though, Gee managed to get two of our female friends to show him their boobs. He even got to feel up one of the girls that are considering getting a boob job. I wish you could have seen him. He was like a kid in a candy My husband absolutely LOVES Boobs and so do I for that matter!! He wanted to repay the boyfriend of one of the girls, so he told me to show him my boobs. I didn’t pull them out completely, but I did show him my nipples. I wish you could have seen the look on his face! Later in the night I got into a conversation with him about sex and I told him that I love to give head and when I deep throat I squirt. I think I almost gave him heart! I didn’t realize until after the fact that Gee had told him we were swingers. I’m sure he knows what he has to look forward to at some point..:-)~~

There are just a few people that are regulars at this bar like us that do know we are swingers and we’ve discovered that there are a few that are swingers too (we're everywhere), so slowly things are starting to heat up. I’ll keep you posted on what naughty adventures cum from this crowd of people we’re becoming better friends with. I always say there is nothing greater than good friends with benefits. And I’m sure this is going to be a very fun summer indeed.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. We'll be watching the Celtics/Lakers game tonight with some friends. I hope you won't hold it against me, but we are huge Celtics fans. GO CELTICS!! Now for those of you rooting for the Lakers I should tell you that two of my very sexy boyfriends are huge Lakers fans and I have a bet going with the two of them involving sex. This means that if you are a Lakers fan you can look forward to seeing what naughty things they want me to do for them if they're team wins. And for you Celtics fans you can look forward to what naughty things I have them do to me. The way I see it, we all win either way. Yeah Baby!!!!


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