Sunday, August 1, 2010

Check Out Part Two Of My Hot First Girl Video With 3 Hotwifes!

Hello Sexy Friends!

This is my second clip from my very first girl’s video captured on film and the night was a total blast! I played with 2 of my Hotwife Girlfriends, Hotwife Louisa and Hotwife BabyGurl. This was the first video that any of us had ever done with other females. It's pretty funny how all of us seemed to just flow with the hot sexy play while we performed for several guys in the room behind the cameras. Although the cameras were pointed at us girls every man in the room had a raging hard-on as they watched us get our freak on with each other.

I licked Hotwife BabyGurl’s pussy while I slapped that sexy ass of hers. Then she spoke up and told me to slap it even harder. My hubby Gee just about lost it at this point as he captured the whole thing on film. I got so turned on I started spitting on that sweet puntang. Hotwife Louisa decided she was ready to lick her very first pussy and leaned in for a taste while I ran my tongue along her arm. It was naughty and sensual moment between three hotwifes. Hotwife BabyGurl’s husband Romeo pulled out his dick and feed it to his hotwife and then he gave Hotwife Louisa a turn sucking his sexy latin dick. Then what every man waits for, the ladies sucked and licked his dick together while I continued to tongue fuck that sexy pussy. This is the time in the evening where the men in the room started to join in and pleasure was had by all.

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Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay