Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Slutty Hotwife Afternoon!

What A Day My Friends,

I had a very exciting afternoon yesterday to say the least. I met with a new boy toy for some hot sex that was even better than I had imagined. It’s pretty funny how I met this new hottie that I’ll refer to as Tony. I met him a few weeks ago when I got pulled over for speeding, so I was told. I was really surprised because I didn’t think I was speeding at all. I was on my way to the grocery store, which isn’t too far from my house. I was less than pleased to see the flashing lights in my rear view mirror. But as I looked and saw who was walking towards my car I forgot about being irritated and suddenly I found myself turned on.

There is a certain type of black man that totally does it for me and this guy was it in uniform to boot! He was smoking sexy with a baldhead and big muscles. His look in uniform was oozing sexy. He was very business like as he approached my car, but I know as soon as we made eye contact that there was a mutual attraction going on. He proceeded to tell me I was going a little too fast and asked for my license and registration. As I gave them to him I smiled and told him that I didn’t realize I was going too fast and that it wouldn’t happen again. I was holding my breath waiting for him to give me a ticket and wreck this moment that I had immediately started fantasying would turn out differently. I tried very hard to put on the charm while pulling up my skirt up ever so slightly to show a little more skin. As luck would have it I was wearing a low cut see thru top with lots of cleavage showing off my titties. I love to dress this way when I go grocery shopping because you never know you might run into or meet. Although I didn’t say anything other than smile real pretty, everything about the way I dressed said “fuck me please”. As soon as he started to tell me he was going to issue me a warning I knew that my sex appeal was working for me.

I told him that I really appreciated the warning and that I had great admiration for our hard working local police force. Something about his demeanor changed at that point and he started to smile and lighten up. I got a little more flirtatious as I said I hope I’d see him again sometime, but under different circumstances. His reply was that he hoped he’d run into me again sometime soon. Then he mentioned one of the bars in town that he goes to on occasion for a beer when he’s not on duty. I said maybe I’ll see you there sometime and said goodbye as I headed off to the grocery store. My mind was racing with all kinds of naughty thoughts. I had never had sex with a cop before and I thought he’d be perfect for my first one.

To fast forward to the juicy details of my afternoon sexcapades Gee and I went to the bar Tony hangs out at one day not to long ago and ran into him. We chatted for a little while over a couple of beers and ended up telling him that we were swingers and that I was a Hotwife. Of course I intentionally left out the part where I do amateur porn. I keep that information on a need to know basis. As it turns out he thought that my being a Hotwife was hot and that he occasionally does a buddy’s wife with him every once in a while. Gee told him that it would be hot if I met him one afternoon for sex to thank him for only giving me a warning instead of a speeding ticket. He thought it was a great idea and we exchanged phone numbers to make it happen. After a few attempts to get together it actually happened yesterday afternoon. And all I can say is OMG!!! His tool was bigger than I had hoped for.

We met at a hotel the next town over just after 1pm. He was off duty, but at my request he wore his uniform so I could officially fuck a cop. He looked and smelled so good. My pussy was throbbing so bad it actually hurt. I was beyond horny considering I woke up that way this morning. The anticipation was off the charts and I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this. My plan was for Gee to help me get ready and to be available via the phone to listen in, but as it turns out the system he is responsible for at work had some major problems due to an upgrade so he had to go into the office and was in meetings all morning and into the afternoon so I was going to have to share all the details with him after the fact.

So with nervous excitement I went on this adventure by myself. I was dressed in a short mini skirt, sexy top and a pair of cum fuck me heels. I could tell by the look on his face when I got out of my car that he liked what he saw. I walked up to him and put my hand on his dick from the outside of his pants, which was rock hard. That just drove me wild. My pussy was dripping wet and I was short of breath because I knew what was cumming. We weren’t in the hotel room 1 minute before I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants and pulled out his beautiful throbbing cock. Not only was it long, but it was thick too with a curve….yeah! This dick had everything needed to make my pussy explode. I have noted in the past that dicks that are thick regardless of length make my pussy squirt very easily. The long ones make me squirt too by going in deeper. The ones with a curve hit my g-spot, which makes me squirt and gives me cervical orgasms too. This man had them all and boy was I excited. Because I was so excited it didn’t take any effort for me to deep throat his dick. My throat muscles work a lot like my pussy muscles in that the more turned on I am, the deeper I can take it regardless of how wide and or thick it is. I loved feeling his body give way to my oral pleasures. This man had never had a woman suck his dick the way I did. I made love to that dick with my mouth and as I enjoyed the taste of his pre cum I started squirting like crazy. I mean crazy!! It was running down the inside of both my legs and I actually created a puddle on the carpet. I lost track of how much time I spent giving him head, but I do recall the moment when he pulled me up to him and started kissing me as he ran his hands all over my body grabbing onto my ass cheeks and giving them a real good squeeze. I could feel how strong he was and that was such a turn on. Then he started undressing me and was very pleased to see I wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. While I was standing there in only my “cum fuck me heels” he had me turn around slowly so he could get a good look at what he was about to fuck.

When he saw my nipples he confirmed why he had only given me a warning the day he pulled me over for speeding. He could see through my shirt having the view from above and when he saw my nipples poking through he got turned on and that’s why he only gave me a warning. We both had a good laugh over this and then we proceeded to fuck like a couple animals in heat. OMG the chemistry was unreal between us. He did me in every position you could think of and then even a few more too. I would have given anything for Gee to be there with camera in hand, but that wasn’t possible because first off Tony is a cop and could lose his job and second Gee was at work. I filed this memory away in my head and I don’t imagine I’ll ever forget this day. We fucked and sucked and licked each other for hours. I lost count how many orgasms I had and he came three different times in a massive explosion each time. I can tell you that I’ll be feeling him for a few days to! As a woman you know it was a good fuck when you can still feel his effects for days. This man was large and he stretched out my pussy real good. Man it was some incredible hot sex. I’m excited because he lives in town so I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other again. I want Gee to have the opportunity to watch this guy fuck his slutty Hotwife. Based of the reaction I got from Gee by just telling him about the experience I can’t wait to see the look on his face when sees it for real.

When the time came to say our goodbyes it was really more a matter of see you later because we both knew our paths would be crossing again sometime in the near future. I enjoyed our kiss goodbye because this man has a lot of passion as well as sex appeal so even kissing him was very pleasurable. We both parted company with permagrins on our faces. I drove home running the afternoon through my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about how good he felt and how hot it was that I met him by getting pulled over. It was a once in a lifetime type of encounter. But who knows considering the fact I not only got out a speeding type, but this sexy ass cop fucked me too. I might be inclined to try this again if I ever get pulled over by a cop who looks good enough to fuck…lol!

Although I was quite sore by the time Gee got home from work it was very exciting to share the details with him about just how slutty his Hotwife was. This got us both very turned on and horny. He told me to suck his dick and then he was going to fuck me for as long as he wanted. He always likes to be the last one that fucks me whenever I’ve played with other men. In spite of being sore I didn’t care. We were both so randy from this experience that he came twice and I had a bunch more orgasms and I squirted a lot too. I’ve been drinking a lot of water since yesterday to try and replenish my water! I must have squirted about 2 gallons and I loved every minute of it.

Gee and I found this new experience to be quite exciting to say the least. I hope you have enjoyed reading about it as well. I would love to think that I’ve got you excited and turned on. I hope you are either going to fuck someone now, or masturbate. Either way I hope you’ll think of me baby.


Hotwife Kay