Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Have A New Video - "Girls Goin' Wild Part One"

Hello Sexy Friends!

This is some new footage from the hot night I spent with my girlfriends Hotwife Louisa and Hotwife BabyGurl. We were all warmed up and ready to get our freak on. This is the point in the evening when we let the guys in the room join in on some of the hot fun. They all had raging hard-ons from watching us girls lick pussy and they were ready to be included in our little orgy.

I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips around the dick of the sexy black guy that followed me from the Latin Flava party earlier in the evening. He was happy to just be in the background and watch while we filmed. But secretly he was waiting and hoping for this very moment. I deep throated that big black dick and slapped by face with his tool knowing I was going to get fucked by it before the night was out. I think you will enjoy watching me take that BBC all the way down to his balls. My hubby Gee managed to finger Hotwife BabyGurl’s pussy while filming her blowing her hubby Romeo. My man’s got some serious talent...lol! I have to tell you that just watching Gee finger Hotwife BabyGurl’s pussy on film makes my pussy wet. He has unbelievably talented fingers and can make my pussy dance and squirt like crazy too. Just watching his fingers in another woman’s pussy is so naughty and hot at the same time. Hubby James put his camera down long enough to lick Hotwife Louisa’s very wet pussy and bite a little on her luscious tits. I loved seeing his hard-on in the background while he was filming and taking pictures too.

Just as Romeo stuck his big latin dick in his wife’s wet pussy I started talking real dirty telling him to fuck that bitch and to fuck her hard. She had told me earlier in the evening that she liked to be called a bitch while she’s getting fucked. I filed it away and it just flowed naturally when the time felt right. I grabbed a hold of one her heels while I watched her get fucked up close and personal by her man. Hotwife Louisa grabbed her chance to suck her first black dick belonging to the sexy guy who came to watch. He was Hotwife Louisa’s first black dick that she had ever tasted. He fucks her too later in the evening. I had him do her first before I let him fuck me.

As I continued to talk dirty Romeo pounded the shit out of his slutty hotwife until he pulled out and came in her mouth and on her face. The smell of sex in the room began to fill the air. We were getting wild alright and acting like the real sluts that we truly are at heart.

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Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay