Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Wild Saturday Night With BlakLexxx – Part One

Hello Sexy Friends,

I wanted to share with you how my Saturday night played out with BlakLexxx. Because there is so much to share and the sex literally went all night long I am going to split my story up into two parts. This is how the first half of the night went my friends.

We had a few minor mishaps before Gee, Blaklexxx and myself were settled in for the night at the hotel to enjoy our night of fucking and filming our adventure. Gee and I got there a little early so he could setup the equipment and I could unpack my play clothes and shoes. Gee opened a bottle of bubbly for me and made himself a drink and then ordered a pizza. I got a phone call from BlakLexxx that he was almost at the hotel and realized he’d left his big box of condoms at home on his dresser. He was going to stop at a store along the way and purchase more then he’d be over. Then as I started to put my things away I realized we had left a bag behind at our house. It was the one that had all my naughty play clothes that didn’t come on hangers, and my jewelry, as well as the pair of thongs I bought special for a fan that was purchasing them after I played and squirted in them during this all night Fuck-Fest!

I left to go back home to get my missing bag, which by the way this was the first time this had ever happened, so I guess we weren’t doing too bad. Other than the fact that we were playing at a hotel fifteen miles from our house..lol! Out the door I went to go get my bag while Gee continued to setup and wait for the pizza and BlakLexxx to arrive. When I returned the equipment was ready to rock, the pizza had arrived and BlakLexxx was there looking sexy as ever. The guys had their own chance to chat alone and exchange ideas of what they wanted to do to me. I loved the fact that something good had come from leaving a bag behind! BlakLexxx and I were both very excited to see each other and the three of us spent the next hour and half getting caught up on our lives and talking about filming ideas we had going forward. BlakLexxx was chosen to be my first fan in my “Fuck A Fan Series”. He has been hot for me for years and one of my biggest fans to say the least, so it made perfect sense to kick off this series with him. He also asked us if we could help him get into the Porn Industry and manage his career. This is something I am very excited about. We are expanding our website The Hotwifes to also include The Hotwifes and Their Sexy Friends too! BlakLexxx will be the first Male Porn Performer to join our site http://www.thehotwifes.com/ so you can look forward to seeing him fuck more than just me. He’s got some incredible sexual talents and one thing about BlakLexxx that makes him truly special is he is a multi-cummer and he shoots big hot sticky sweet loads..yummy!

In addition to enjoying some hanging out time, we also took some playful fun pictures before I changed into my first sexy outfit of the night. I had finished drinking an entire bottle of bubby at this point, which by the way makes me horny…like I need any help..lol! I was relaxed and ready to let my freak cum out to play. I excused myself to the bathroom so I could change into a sexy outfit and cum fuck me heels. When I came out of the bathroom I could tell by the look on BlakLexxx and Gee’s face that I had achieved my mission of looking sexy and desirable. After letting BlakLexxx feel me up a little Gee took some more sexy pictures of us. Then he told me I should get on my knees and suck BlakLexxx’s cock. So that is exactly what I did. This is when I went to what my husband refers to as “the zone”. I just got lost in the pleasure and time literally stood still. I sucked that man’s dick for quite a long time, including deep throating him down to his balls while grabbing him by his ass and pulling him to my mouth again and again. My pussy was dripping wet and I couldn’t wait to get fucked. He must have read my mind because he chose the right time to tell me to kneel and bend over the living room sitting chair and spread my legs so he could fuck me. I started squirting I swear just as the tip of his dick touched my pussy lips. I kept on squirting the entire time his dick was going in and out of my pussy. Damn his dick felt so incredibly good. Oh I almost forgot to mention that in spite of the original plan for him to wear condoms and him stopping to buy some, he also brought his recent test results clearing the way for bareback…YEEHA!!!! There is no better feeling in the world than a naked dick in my wet pussy! After we fucked for quite a while he was on the verge of cumming and he told me to turn around so he could cum in my mouth. He aimed it perfect and shot a big hot sticky load of cum in my mouth and all over my face. He had been planning for this night and had been eating all the right foods and drinks to make sure his cum was sweet just the way I love it. His cum was incredibly sweet I could have swallowed it all night long.

Now we were both warmed up and really ready to fuck all night long. While I was busy getting fucked from behind my wonderful husband had gone into the bathroom and lit a bunch of tea candles staging the next place we would do some filming. We decided that since the bathroom was on the smaller side BlakLexxx would sit on the toilet seat and I would kneel in front of him to suck his dick. I didn’t want to risk catching my long hair on fire by being too close to any flames..lol! I squatted down on my cum fuck me heels for a while as I pleasured his rock hard dick then got into my submissive mode and got down on my knees and put my hands behind my back and took his dick all the way down to his balls repeatedly while my pussy squirted away from all the pleasure sucking his dick was giving me.

We then moved from the bathroom back into the living room area where Gee had already cleared everything off the desk so I could be bent over it to get fucked some more. Only more than that happened while being bent over that desk. BlakLexxx fucked my pussy from behind for quite a while making me scream with intense pleasure. While bent over the desk I held onto the other side for leverage and he slammed my pussy repeatedly with his big black pole. My husband was close by filming it all with a raging hard on that wouldn’t quit. It finally got to a point where BlakLexxx was so turned on by the feel of my tight wet pussy that he shot his second load of hot sticky cum deep inside my pussy this time. Once he pulled his dick out Gee zoomed in with the camera to get an up close view of my wide-open pussy. This got him so turned on that he started fingering my pussy with one hand while continuing to film with the other. My man’s got some incredible talent for sure. He made me squirt like a fountain. He started with one finger and kept adding another and another until he was officially fisting me. We have done this before, but never captured it on film. This was the first! He kept fisting me and I kept squirting. I can’t wait to share this footage with you guys because my husband is a tall man with big hands, so he had my pussy stretched out real good with his huge hand stuffed in my tight pussy. It took lots of practice in private for my pussy to be able to take my husband's entire hand. For any of my followers interested in knowing how Gee and I went about being able to fist me the key is patience first and formost followed by a few other tips. Get your partner loosened up with a few drinks and be sure to use a good kind of lube like K-Y moisture enhancing Silk-E and take baby steps. Not everyone is gifted like Naughty Alysha is. As Gee was fisting me I was in that hurt so good phase and that just kept my pussy flowing as I splashed my juices all over my husband and the camera and camera lens too. This was the first time BlakLexxx had seen a woman in person get fisted and he found it really hot and a huge turn on. After my perverted husband was satisfied that I’d been fisted long enough..lol..we took a break and I changed into another sexy outfit while my husband opened another bottle of bubbly and poured me another glass. We all had a drink and enjoyed some chocolate Gee brought for us. The guys were drinking rum and cokes while I stuck to what I always drink when I play and film which is Asti Spumante my all time favorite. Gee also brought Vermont Sharp Cheddar, which is my favorite kind of cheese and crackers too for snacks during the night. The chocolate bars gave us a little sugar, which is good for extra energy, not that anyone needed it. But then, who doesn’t love chocolate? I love it in every form it cums in, including the kind that I suck and can fuck too..lol!

We had so much fun not only fucking and filming, but hanging out talking and laughing as we shared stories of prior sexual adventures and other life stories of relevance. This is the footage that is special and saved specifically for my fans that buy my Raw & Unedited Videos and DVDs. This is the behind the scenes stuff that show how really real we are and that we do in fact do Reality Porn. The behind the scene footage is very special to me in that it allows me to go back and relive the entire experience of every time I have ever filmed porn with my husband. This is my sexual legacy friends. This captures who Hotwife Kay and Hubby Gee really are, not only as an in love married couple of 22 years, but swingers who live the Hotwife lifestyle. If you’ve never purchased any of my Raw & Unedited work, I hope you will consider buying one at some point just so you can see first hand what I’m talking about. I’d love for you to see the real me I am in front of and behind the camera. This series was my husband’s idea. He wanted to be able to share this side of me that he feels is worthy of sharing and in his eyes it’s a privilege for my fans to see more than just Hotwife Kay the Amateur Porn Star, but also the woman that I am and the couple we are in reality. Right now there is only a handful of Raw & Unedited footage that’s been put together for sale. I have hundreds of hours of footage yet to be shared. So if you are a fan of this series you have a lot to look forward to choosing from and purchasing as they become available.

This is where I will end part one of my hot Saturday night. Be sure to check back often as I will be sharing part two very soon. The fun is far from over my friends.

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay