Monday, August 23, 2010

What Turns Me On When I Play & My Hubby Films It

Hello Sexy Friends,

I wanted to share an email that I received from a sexy fan today. He told me about a dream he had of me that I found very hot and erotic. He also described how he interpreted what the look on my face said to him when he would see me play on film. I was very excited to hear that the look on my face really told the story about what was happening between myself and my sexy husband.

I am my husband's fantasy cum true. He get's off on watching me have hot passionate sex with other men and I get off on performing for my husband while blowing the minds of my lovers. My husband and I are on this very hot journey together. It's a very hot and sexual adventure with lots of hot experiences that we have shared with so many with so many more to cum. It is also a huge turn on for my husband to tell me lovers exactly what I enjoy sexually, as well as what they can do to me to make my sexual experience with them even hottier. Of course that knowledge on my lovers parts makes for a much more fulfilling experience for them too. The more they turn me on, the more I turn them on. That my friends is called "Chemistry". How lucky am I to be married to the cooler Hotwife husband in the world. I am truly blessed because he is the love of my life, my best friend, my soulmate and my most precious and intense lover. Our sex life together is totally off the hook. Everytime I have hot sex with other men and my husband films it, we always have outrageous sex with each other afterwards as we bask in the memories and the experience of that hot sexual encounter we shared with others while capturing it on film.

It is very exciting to me that my husband has captured all my hot adventures and my growth as a sexual lover. My clips and DVDs are my sexual legacy that I get off on sharing with other like-minded people and with all my fans that get off on watching me lose my mind to hot freaky sex. Just look at the picture I shared with this blog. Note that my husband and my sexy friend Silk are getting off on tag teaming me together. The look on both of their faces truly says it all. This is one of my most favorite pictures among my huge special collection. It's a real pleasure for me to share it with you. I have not produced the Raw & Unedited version of the clips from this evening, but I will create it at some point and I hope you get the chance to view it. All my Raw & Unedited videos and DVDs are giving you a chance to have a front row seat to what actually happened. It's a pretty wild thing to witness and really a privilege to have a part of me that so real. I am all about Reality Porn and my Raw & Unedited footage is about as real as it gets. I'm thrilled that my husband came up with this awesome idea. This is the footage of mine that sells more than anything else.

I have included the email I received from the sexy fan just the way it was written to me. He is the reason that I chose to write this particular blog. I was so excited to hear someone say to me what he thought was going on not only with myself, but other hotwifes, and he truly hit the nail right on the head.

The email I received goes as follows....

Well I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. You two do have a lot of fun
for sure and thanks for sharing with us fans. I occasionally
travel to the Poconos and one time I was watching one of your vids
before going to bed. I had a dream you showed up at my hotel room,
somehow let yourself in, banged me in my sleep, then crept out. It
was so erotic and hot. Married women can be so hot esp when their
hubby is filming. It's like they're performing for him and it's
awesome. I've had fun having the husband tell me how he wants his
wife done. That's hot. Well thanks again and if we're ever in
proximity let me know as I'd enjoy playing with you.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and that perhaps you know me a little better and why my hubby Gee and I do what we do.

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Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay