Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Saturday Night Sex Party In My Minivan

Hello Sexy Friends!

I’m so over due to write and keep you up to date on all my naughty adventures. They tend to happen faster than I can write about them these! Some of you may know from my tweets that I had a party in our minivan last night with my hubby Gee and then later on our friend Tom stopped by to join us. The beauty of partying in our van is that there is no drinking and driving. Just drinking, sitting, great music and almost always some type of sex!

I was in the mood last night to give head. I just wanted to suck dick and pleasure my favorite male body part. It started with Gee and I sitting in our driveway after returning from the liquor store for beer that was suppose to be for today while we watched football. Needless to say all the beer got drank last night, but that’s okay because we had so much fun in the moment. I’m definitely an “in the moment” kinda girl. I have some of the hottest sex that is spontaneous and unplanned. Gee and I had the music rocking in our van, which has some great surround sound and we were both enjoying the music, the beer, and each other. I don’t recall what made the idea pop into my head, but all of a sudden I was unzipping Gee’s pants and he knew what was cumming. I leaned in with my mouth watering in anticipation of getting his rock hard cock in my mouth. How do I describe what I did next other than I went nuts sucking his dick. I enjoyed licking up and down the shaft of his dick while stopping every now and then to suck the head and enjoy his pre-cum. I looked up at Gee and said hey how about I send Tom a text message and see if he’d like to be next. Of course he loved the idea, so while I text Tom quickly Gee continued to stroke his dick getting very excited to see his slutty wife going in search of more dick for our van party.

I got a text back almost immediately from Tom that he would be over in about twenty minutes which was perfect because I wanted to make Gee cum before giving any of my attention away to another dick. I went right back to what I was doing and continued to suck and deep throat Gee’s beautiful cock. Then as I was really getting into it I started spitting on it again and again each time watching the look on Gee’s face. I knew I was totally blowing him away. He loves my sloppy BJ’s. He held off as long as he could which wasn’t easy every time I’d deep throat his cock down to his balls slamming my face against his pelvic bone. He gave me the signal right before he exploded all over my face and down my throat. I loved hearing the sounds he made as he shot his hot sticky load. His moans of pleasure was music to my ears. I took a few minutes to gather up with my fingers all the cum that hadn’t made it into my mouth so I could lick it off my fingers. Gee always looks like his eyes are going to pop out of his head when I do this move. I love driving him over the edge and back sexually. He gave me the perfect fuel that I was going to turn around and use on Tom when he showed up a few minutes later.

The timing of Tom showing up was perfect. I had just finished blowing my hubby and finishing my beer when he pulled into the driveway. He climbed into the middle seat behind us and settled in for a beer, a short time of chatting before I moved to the middle seat to join him for better access to his cock. It didn’t take me any time to unzip his pants and pull his dick out which was already hard as a rock. I started sucking and nibbling a little on the shaft because I happen to know that he likes that. I make a point of knowing what my lovers like so that I can give it to them just the way they love it. I had him moaning like crazy as I started ramming his dick down my throat past my gag reflex. I was smacking his pelvic bone like I did to Gee and got the same result. The first time around it only took Tom about ten minutes until he shot his first load that he couldn’t hold back. I swallowed all of it because his dick was all the way down my throat when he let his load fly. I gave him a few minutes to get past that sensitive stage and then I started pulling on his dick again, actually pulling it towards my mouth and he allowed his body to follow! This time I started slapping my face with his dick, which made him instantly hard. I fucked the inside of my check with his dick and that not only had him making noises, but Gee was contributing some noises too from the front seat. He told me how hot it looked seeing me do that to Tom. I took my time doing different things to his cock that I knew would drive him crazy and have him on the verge of cumming over and over, but then I’d stop right before he was about to cum. I finally just went at it full tilt sucking his dick with everything I had in me. He exploded this time all over my face and in my hair. I even got a little cum in one of my ears! I told him that it was quite impressive how big a load his second one was and all the places he manage to make it go, including the inside of my ear. I licked up some of the cum from my face and then just let the rest of it dry where it was, except for what went in my ear. I removed that immediately so I!

We hung out for probably about another hour drinking beers and listening to music and just bullshitting before Tom left to go make last call at the bar he had been at when I first texted him. Gee and I stayed in the van for a while longer until all the beers were gone and it was actually starting to get a little light out. I hate that because it always means the party has to end. I have to go to sleep in order to start the next day, which was already here…lol! I slept like a baby until this afternoon when I got up a little hung over (it was worth it) and started watching football with Gee.

I have so much more to blog about, but this will get you up to speed with how I spent my Saturday night. I’ll be back with more shortly. Until then…

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay