Monday, September 20, 2010

Sharing My 1st Outdoor Video Clip Where I Peed In The Woods!

Hello Sexy Friends!

This outdoor video was made during a weekend get away with my husband Gee to Vermont. We enjoyed riding the back roads listening to some of our favorite music and drinking beers while taking in the natural beauty around us. After several stops along the way to take naughty pictures of me on the railroad trails, the covered bridge, stonewall, and in the middle of paved & dirt roads I had to go pee. I asked Gee to find a secluded area on one of the dirt roads so I could relieve myself. He found the perfect spot for me to go and I suggested that it was a great opportunity for him to film me peeing for my fans that would find it hot to see this classy slut peeing on the side of a dirt road. What turned out to be secluded wasn’t quite as secluded as we thought. Just on the other side of the trees and bushes way up on a hill was a house in perfect view. Fortunately though I was able to take advantage of the secluded side of the trees to take my pants and my thong off while leaving on my heels. I leaned up against a tree and let it fly. Short of the pleasures of hot sex, which includes squirting and orgasming, the pleasure of going pee when you’re on the verge of peeing your pants cums next in line. I must have peed out an entire beer and OMG did it feel!

I followed that up with rubbing my clit giving myself an orgasm before putting my panties and pants back on all while the camera was still rolling. It was fun to speak directly into the camera talking to my fans and to my husband. This video is different than all the others, but it’s also a part of who I am in the real world. Cum watch this slut show you how a classy Hotwife pees on the side of road and then masturbates and orgasms to finish the job.

I have to tell you that the exhibionist in me had a blast. I've peed in the woods and on the side of the road a million times in my life, but I've never done it for the camera. It was such a turn on to capture this event for you my fans. There was nothing dirty about what you'll find on my video. But rather you will see my playful side and the fun it was for both Gee and I to take on this adventure with the intension of capturing it on film so it would be like you were there with us. I hope you enjoy the trailer and will find it worth the small cost to purchase the clip from my video store so you can really experience the whole thing with me. I would love that and for those of you that find watching a woman pee a turn on, I just know you're gonna love watching me let it fly on the side of a dirt road.

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Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay